Investment Analyst

You will be joining the Finance team, supporting in the M&A inside the Shopify SaaS ecosystem.

Full Time

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About the position

  • Identify M&A opportunities in e-commerce ecosystems, evaluate them and present them in the form of investment cases;
  • Perform financial and commercial due diligence to ensure profitable investment opportunities and manage risks;
  • Prepare and deliver presentations, marketing pitches and other materials to key stakeholders;
  • Liaise with potential sellers on the terms, while maintaining good relationships;
  • Ensure smooth transition of the asset from the seller to us;
  • Support our growth and tech teams for developing the roadmap of the acquired assets.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor of Business, Commerce, or similar preferably with a focus on finance;
  • Understanding of the M&A process through internship experiences at an investment bank or other M&A advisory firms;
  • Outstanding attention to detail and the ability to deliver timely, accurate results in a fast-paced and dynamic environment;
  • An analytical thinker who can quickly understand information and needs across a variety of products, technologies, and disciplines;
  • The ability to come up with novel ideas and approaches that set us up for exceptional performance.

Desirable Skills

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