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Marketing Intern

You will be joining the Growth & Marketing team, supporting with the following the best processes and practises of the field.

Full Time

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About the position

  • Execute marketing deliverables to achieve growth of our apps;
  • Achieve the KPIs/ milestones set by the Head of the Marketing;
  • Build a user community around our apps;
  • Manage communication channels, including the website, blog, newsletter, social media, and partners’ platforms;
  • Collaborate with copywriters to work on content creation such as blog articles, case studies, and opinion pieces;
  • Monitor SEO to drive and increase traffic around our apps.

Job requirements

  • Experience in B2B marketing;
  • Familiarised with SaaS industry;
  • Experience in e-commerce and Shopify is highly preferable;
  • Experience in marketing tools and working with marketing agencies;
  • Good project management skills;
  • Excellent communicator and feel comfortable leading a remote team;
  • Tech savvy and feel comfortable working with a fast-growing tech start-up.

Desirable Skills

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