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Accentuate Custom Fields

Make your site stand out with unique layouts, engaging galleries, and user-friendly menus.

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Advanced Custom Field Types

Accentuate offers a robust custom field creation tool, allowing businesses to create advanced field types for any Shopify object. These fields can include checkboxes, dates, multi-language text fields, and more.

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Advanced Multilingual Content Support for a Global Audience

This feature allows you to craft and oversee content in various languages, thus broadening your store's appeal to an international market. By championing language inclusivity, Accentuate strengthens your business's capacity to provide bespoke customer experiences, heighten interaction, and expand your influence on a global scale.

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Effortless Content Versioning

Gives you the freedom to experiment with your content without fear of losing past iterations. This means you can continuously update and improve your content, while always having the ability to revert back to previous versions if necessary.

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Main Features

Custom Field Types
Multi-language content

Get the most out of Accentuate Custom Fields. Connect to the platforms you love.

Streamline your app by integrating all your platforms to Accentuate Custom Fields.

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