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Hulk Form Builder

Boost customer interaction with personalized surveys and product requests, all crafted seamlessly.

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Responsive Forms with Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic enables the creation of a responsive form that adapts and redirects based on the specific answers provided by users, allowing for a dynamic and personalized experience.

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Unlimited File Storage for Form Attachments

Thanks to unlimited file storage, users can upload files up to 100MB. Attachments are included in both app form responses and notification emails, simplifying the review and management of customer submissions.

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Multi-Page Forms for Detailed Responses

Easily set up your forms on multiple pages with just a few clicks, enabling the creation of more intricate forms that capture detailed responses from your customers. This feature expands the reach and capabilities of your forms, providing a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

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Main Features

Conditional Logic
File Upload with Unlimited Storage
Form Pagination

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