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Transform your sales strategy with real-time notifications, stimulating urgency and leveraging social proof.

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Language Support for Sales Notifications

The language support feature ensures that your sales notifications are accessible to customers in any language, improving the reach of your promotions and making them more effective for your global audience. You can easily include your preferred language or multiple languages, depending on your store preferences and targeted market.

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Personalize Sales Notifications with Custom Messages

The custom notification message feature gives you the ability to personalize the message appearing in the sales popup window of your storefront. You can give it the look and feel in line with your brand and share important information with your valued customers, such as promotions, discounts, and special offers.

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Optimize Promotions with Placement Control

The placement control feature, you have complete control over the placement of the sales popup window throughout your storefront. Our user-friendly and straightforward interface makes it simple for you to make edits and customize the location of the popup window to suit your preferences, helping you to optimize your promotions and increase conversions.

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Main Features

Language Support
Custom Notification Message
Placement Control
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