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Hulk Product Reviews

Drive engagement and foster trust by enabling product reviews and customer Q/A exchanges on your site.

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Streamline Review Management and Engagement with Smart AI Approval

With smart AI approval you can automate the publishing of positive reviews by setting rules. Additionally, the app utilizes AI to automatically generate responses to customer reviews, streamlining the review process and improving customer engagement.

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Enhance Customer Communication and Relationship Building with Q&A Section

The Q&A section allows customers to post their questions, and store owners can easily respond and manage the section from within the app, improving communication and building lasting relationships.

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Manage Reviews at Scale with Bulk Import/Export Feature

Bulk import/export feature make it easy to manage reviews at scale, with the ability to export or import reviews in bulk in .xlsx format. Ensure that the field format matches our app's provided sample sheet when importing reviews for a seamless and efficient process.

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Main Features

Smart AI Approval
Q&A Section
Bulk Import/Export
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