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Releasit COD Form & Upsells

Effortlessly enhance COD Management and boost sales with integrated upsells.

Boosting Revenue with Pre and Post Purchase Upsells

Dive into the app's intuitive dashboard, a hub for effortlessly configuring and managing upsell strategies. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the creation and adjustment of upsell offers, empowering merchants of all skill levels to boost their sales tactics with ease.

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Tailoring the shopping experience with a fully customizable COD order form

Revamp your checkout process with our customizable COD order form, designed for seamless brand integration. It offers the flexibility of custom fields and various layout options, including pop-up or embedded forms.

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Elevate sales with in-form quantity offers

Maximize your sales with customizable in-form quantity offers. Enhance your Average Order Value by seamlessly integrating enticing discounts, tailored in design and text, directly into your form.

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Main Features

One-Click COD Order Form
Customizable Upsell Offers
Advanced Order Management
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