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Experience the thrill of boosted sales and happy customers with tiered discounts on bulk purchases.

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Use Customer Tags to Boost Loyalty

Create and store multiple customer tags. This allows you to show or hide your bulk discount offers from specific groups of customers, such as new or loyal customers. By targeting your offers, you can increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

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Control Quantity and Duration of Offers

Set limits on the quantity and duration of your bulk discount offers. You can specify the maximum number of items that can be purchased at the discounted price and how long the discount will be active. This ensures that your offers are sustainable and not abused by customers.

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Activate Bulk Discounts with Country Select

Enable bulk discounts in specific countries that you select. This is especially useful during national holidays, such as the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. If nothing is selected, the discount is active globally.

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Main Features

Customer Tagging
Flexible Scheduling
Location Based Discounts
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