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Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Configure B2B wholesale, volume discounts, payment terms, and shipping quickly.

Custom pricing for different customers

Set up varied pricing levels, percentage discounts or specific prices for certain customers. Offer tailored prices to wholesale, VIP, and retail shoppers to encourage bulk buying. App provides flexible discounts, tiered pricing, wholesale shipping rates, custom wholesale signup form, and net payment terms.

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Offer discounts based on order quantity

Implement volume discounts to incentivize larger purchases and automatically apply price reductions with increased cart quantities. Increase average order values, enhance inventory turnover, and meet the demands of both small retailers and large wholesalers with competitive bulk pricing.

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Allow exclusive pricing

Offer personalized pricing for select customers or groups, allowing negotiation of special rates with high-value B2B or VIP clients. Strengthen business relationships, customer satisfaction, and loyalty with exclusive pricing.

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Main Features

Tiered pricing flexibility
Bulk purchase discounts
Custom wholesale rates
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