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Key insights from over 1,000 e-commerce pricing tests: Optimizing for profit

Uncover valuable insights from e-commerce pricing tests to boost profits and refine sales strategies.

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Intelligems, a platform focused on helping merchants optimize their pricing strategies, has conducted over 1,000 pricing tests across more than 300 e-commerce retailers. These tests covered transactions totaling over $500 million from 100 million online shoppers. 

Their findings offer valuable insights into e-commerce pricing:

  • Pricing Components: In e-commerce, pricing includes list prices (MSRP), shipping fees, discount codes, sales, bundle offers, and subscription discounts.
  • Ad-hoc Pricing: Many small and medium-sized e-commerce retailers set prices in a spontaneous manner, typically starting with a target gross margin (cost-plus pricing), comparing with competitors, and making final adjustments such as rounding prices to the nearest $9.
  • The Cost of Unoptimized Pricing: Brands often miss out on significant revenue by not optimizing their pricing. Intelligems found that 59% of the most successful price points were lower than the original price, indicating that overpricing leads to unmet profitable demand.
  • Shipping Strategy: Intelligems discovered that 70% of merchants found that their current free shipping threshold—or a higher one—was most effective. Competing with Amazon's free shipping offers is not a profitable strategy for most small and medium-sized retailers.
  • Charm Pricing: Testing the effectiveness of "charm pricing" (prices ending in 95 cents), Intellige ms found that the conversion rate dropped by more than 10% when the price was set at $150.00 instead of $149.95, indicating that this traditional pricing technique still works.

To wrap it up, this study reveals a big lesson for e-commerce retailers: smart pricing makes a real difference. This research shows that understanding the finer points of pricing, like setting the right discount levels or deciding on free shipping, can significantly boost sales and profits. The key is to use data to guide pricing decisions rather than guessing. This approach can help businesses of all sizes to find the right pricing that attracts more customers without sacrificing profit. In short, a thoughtful pricing strategy is essential for success in the competitive online marketplace.

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