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New levels of security and control with Sky Pilot's License Keys feature

Explore Sky Pilot's License Keys feature, a game-changer for Shopify stores, ensuring digital product security, preventing unauthorized access, and streamlining subscription management.

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In the digital age, safeguarding your digital products against unauthorized use is paramount. 

Sky Pilot introduces a powerful tool to enhance your Shopify store's security and management capabilities: the License Keys feature. This innovative addition is designed to secure your digital merchandise, streamline subscription management, and ensure only authorized users access your products.

Sky Pilot continuously seeks innovative solutions to meet our merchants' evolving needs. 

The introduction of License keys is a response to the growing concerns over copyright infringement and the unauthorized distribution of digital goods. This feature is a testament to our commitment to providing our merchants with superior control over their digital products, ensuring they are distributed legally and securely.

Unlocking the Power of License Keys: How They Work

License Keys work by generating unique strings of characters for each purchase, serving multiple critical functions:

  • Authentication: Verifying the legitimacy of a purchase and the buyer's right to use the product.
  • Activation: Enabling the full features of a software product upon verification.
  • Access Control: Limiting the use of the product to a specific number of devices, as defined by the merchant.
  • Anti-Piracy: Preventing unauthorized distribution by ensuring each product can only be activated with a unique key.
  • Subscription Management: Facilitating the management of subscription-based services, including duration and access rights.

Empowering Merchants Across Industries

Whether you're an eBook author on Shopify aiming to protect your work from unauthorized sharing or a software plugin developer needing to ensure your products are legally activated, License Keys have you covered. This feature allows you to manage device access limitations and maintain a strategic hold over your product's distribution, ensuring your digital goods are used as intended.

Key Benefits Unlocked

  • Enhanced Security: Protect your digital assets from unauthorized use and distribution.
  • Proof of Purchase: Each license key serves as undeniable evidence of a legitimate transaction.
  • Controlled Access: Decide how many devices can use your product, preventing overuse or unauthorized sharing.

Availability and Access

The License Keys feature is an exclusive offering available under Sky Pilot's Growth ($49) and Custom (starting from $99) plans. This decision ensures that businesses of all sizes can access this powerful tool, providing both small startups and established enterprises with the means to safeguard their digital products.


License Keys feature redefines digital product security, offering unmatched control and authenticity for your Shopify store. By ensuring the authenticity of every transaction and providing merchants with greater control over their products, Sky Pilot is setting a new standard in digital product management and security. 

Sky Pilot is dedicated to enhancing your Shopify experience, ensuring your digital marketplace is secure, authentic, and fair. The License Key feature is a significant stride towards achieving this goal. Experience the difference today and elevate your digital product security to new heights.


Q: How does the License Key protect against illegal distribution?

A: By assigning a unique key to each software purchase, License Keys prevent unauthorized copying and distribution, ensuring each installation is legitimate.

Q: Can License Keys limit software usage across devices?

A: Absolutely. License Keys enable merchants to specify the number of devices that can use the software, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements.

Q: Who can access the License Key feature?

A: This feature is available to merchants on the Growth plan ($49) and the Custom plan (starting from $99), providing a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

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