SC Order Tags & Flows

End-to-End Automated Order Management System: SC Order Tags & Flows x Store Pickup + Delivery

Keeping up with a growing volume of orders can be exhausting, so Shop Circle and Zapiet are bringing to you Shopify apps that can help you create an easy to use, end-to-end order management system. Learn more to find out how to use the apps together to optimize and automate your OMS.

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If you’re like most Shopify merchants, your order volume has been steadily increasing and you may be feeling the pressure to keep up with customer communication. With so many sales channels and touchpoints, it can be difficult to track all of your customers in different places of their journey and keep constant touch with them. That’s where these incredible two apps come in—they help you automate customer communication for a streamlined process that frees up time for you to focus on other aspects of your business. Read on to learn about the two essential apps. We know that when it comes to great customer service, automation is the key to success!

In this article, an end-to-end automated order management system offered is described. The tag management system tags orders as they are placed and processed, allowing for a more efficient process of tracking and delivering the order. This system is beneficial to customers in that it streamlines the entire ordering process from start to finish. Furthermore, the end-to-end automated order management system has the potential to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Evolution of the Online Consumer

Zapiet and Shop Circle have teamed up to help digital entrepreneurs build an end-to-end management system using the power of automation, saving them countless hours of manual labour.

With the continued growth of e-commerce across the world, the buying habits of consumers are continually evolving. Rapid consumerism and technology advancement has led to a huge range of choices, and the modern consumer now feels empowered when they get to choose between options - even in the way they receive their product after ordering.

65% of consumers want greater delivery flexibility. It is important to ensure the experience is convenient for your customers by providing as many of delivery options as possible. They will simply have to choose the choice that best matches their demands because you have provided them with various options. The fact that you give a choice contributes to a positive brand image.

It's also crucial to be able to communicate with clients throughout the process. It may be tough for Shopify merchants with a high number of orders to follow all of their clients at different stages of their journey and stay in touch with them.

Store Pickup + Delivery: Get Your Products To Your Customers The Right Way

Store Pickup + Delivery is the industry-leading pickup date, timing, and order management app to easily manage your in-store pickup orders and deliveries.

Important Features:

Attribute Values - The characteristics Pick-up Time, Pick-Up Date, Delivery Time, Delivery Date, and Shipping Date allow merchants to customize and tag their orders.

Delivery Calendar - Restrict local delivery areas to certain zipcodes using the Delivery Calendar. Set delivery rates and a limit on the number of delivery orders per date. Organize your delivery schedule.

Adjustable Breakpoints - Preparation Breakpoints can be tailored to the merchant's preferences. For example, if an order is placed by 8 p.m., it can be delivered the next day.

Inventory Management - Limit pickup and delivery locations to those with inventory available at the time of order.

SC Order Tags & Flows: Tag It Till You Make It

SC Order Tags & Flows allows you to generate auto tags for adding, removing, delaying, or backdating orders, as well as automate actions depending on the tags.

Important Features:

The action that causes the workflow to be initiated is called a trigger. You can use the tag "delay" to notice when orders are delayed, for example. This is the action that sets off the trigger of events.

Trigger - Orders have hundreds of attributes, such as line items, products, transactions, and so on. Order Tags & Flows allows you to use AND/OR operators to create the criteria for tagging orders. Creating a tag for orders that are both delayed and transaction processed, for example. This provides information on orders that have been paid for but have been delayed.

Add/Remove - Any number of tags can be added or removed as a result of a workflow. They can blend values from order with static text using dynamic data. For instance, the delivery location Adds the phrase "loc." This will assist the merchant in sorting orders by delivery location.

Scheduled Removal/Deletion - Tags will be disabled after a specified length of time has passed. Tags based on discounted orders over the holiday season, for example, will expire after the deal is ended.

SC Order Tags & Flows and Store Pickup + Delivery: Strength In Numbers

Multi-Tagging System: Complementary tags can be used to get a more detailed view of each order. For example, if you use Store Pickup + Delivery, you've set up a "Delivery Date" and "Delivery Time" system so that each user may choose when they want their things delivered. Order Tags & Flows allows you to add tags to orders as they are made, processed, dispatched, and delivered. This will provide information about the product's current location in the delivery chain as well as the customer's expectations.

Custom Workflows: To establish a streamlined order management system, you can construct custom workflows based on the tags provided by both apps. If you set up triggers for orders being produced, processed, sent, and delivered, for example, you can have automated processes trigger customers updates about their shipments. Customers will be kept informed at all times during the process.

Fixed & Dynamic Tags: After you've established all your criteria, you can opt to apply both fixed and dynamic tags to the order, which will be applied in addition to your Zapiet characteristics. For example, you can start the process by adding a fixed tag to the delivery location and dynamic tags to orders placed after 5 p.m.

Your Order Management System Is Ready!

If you have SC Order Tags & Flows and Store Pickup + Delivery, you won't require any funding or a dedicated Operations Head. When you use the applications together, you can streamline your order management system, improve fulfilment, and automate order management procedures.

Gain consumer insights and increase conversion rates with a better inventory management system that allows you to provide a smooth experience to your customers by determining the KPIs of orders based on different tags and letting them know when their goods will be delivered or picked up.

It can be difficult to keep track of all your customers and communicate with them throughout the purchase process. That's where Zapiet and Shop Circle come in; we have teamed up to create an end-to-end management system that automates as much as possible and saves you hours of time doing manual work. Download both apps now to get started!

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