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Our apps, our way: Shop Circle unveils the next chapter!

Discover the new and improved SC Product Options, SC Store Locator Map, SC Loyalty Rewards Referrals, and SC Sales Motivator by Shop Circle.

Our team has revamped four Bold Commerce apps, introducing a new look of our icons. Welcome the updated SC Product Options, SC Store Locator Map, SC Loyalty Rewards Referrals, and SC Sales Motivator!

Though the names and logos have evolved, the core functionality and strong commitment to quality remain unchanged.

If you're familiar with e-commerce, you might know about Bold Commerce and their apps.

First up is SC Product Options, previously known as Bold Product Options. With SC Product Options, you can elevate your store's shopping experience by offering limitless product options, allowing for a fully customized and unique customer journey.

Then there's the SC Store Locator Map. The SC Store Locator Map features an interactive interface with real-time driving directions, making it even easier for customers to navigate to stores or pick-up locations.

The SC Loyalty Rewards Referrals app, formerly Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards, helps you build a loyal customer base by offering an attractive loyalty program. And offering customers a wide range of imaginative rewards, all set up in just a few minutes.

Lastly, we have the SC Sales Motivator, previously the Bold Sales Motivator. The SC Sales Motivator enhances your sales strategy by enabling you to quickly launch an interactive, on-brand, geo-targeted sales motivator bar, designed to maximize order value effectively.

We're always improving our apps, so keep an eye out for new updates coming soon. These will make your e-commerce experience even better!

At Shop Circle, we aim to enhance your e-commerce experience, making it more modern and focused on customer needs. The rebranding of these four apps shows our commitment to innovation and style.

We're also excited to introduce our App Stacks, a collection of tools and technologies to keep your online store at the forefront of the industry.

Get ready to elevate your online store with the revamped SC Product Options, SC Store Locator Map, SC Loyalty Rewards Referrals, and SC Sales Motivator. Shop Circle is here to take your e-commerce to the next level!

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