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Simplifying the review collection by segmenting customers on Shopify

Unlocking customer segmentation and personalization to communicate with your audience.

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It is undeniable that many Shopify marketers still struggle to fully understand the value of good customer segmentation.

Large email blasts certainly had their time. However, in the age of personalization and targeting, generic messaging sent to everyone will no longer be enough to attract consumer attention..

In order to gain the attention of shoppers in an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential that brands merchants use the power of customer segmentation and personalization to deliver messages tailored to your subscribers' needs.

Today, we'll look at some of the best customer segment examples to help you improve your review collection customer experience.

Be aware of the advantages of customer segmentation

  • Customer segmentation enables you to conduct target-specific marketing, resulting in increased business and profit. We hit different latest frequency customer segments with different plans in target-specific campaigns to deliver them with correct content and services while maintaining good and building relationships.
  • We can also figure out what kinds of offers and services can be given to what types of customers, which will increase sales cycles and lead generation, resulting in more purchases.
  • The customer segmentation model fosters a stronger bond between you and your customers and increases value, brand appreciation, and relationships.
  • The customer segmentation model can help you step up your strategy and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Customer segmentation can also help you understand and focus on the improvement of your products and services and their delivery. It would help if you determined what customers require, whether the new product meets those needs, and where it can be improved.
  • Customer segmentation sends targeted messages to customer groups in the same category, giving them exactly what they want.
  • Customer segmentation provides you with a plethora of new opportunities to test and options for gaining more momentum by engaging your customers and the ability to expand and explore different fields and styles of working for better results and insights. 

Why should customers be segmented?

Here are several areas the segmentation process can help your business achieve:  

  • Learning more about your customers enables you to tailor your content to their specific needs, challenges, and expectations.
  • Developing targeted campaigns and advertisements to appeal to and convert specific customer segments.
  • Improving your customer service and support efforts by understanding and preparing for the challenges that various groups are likely to face.
  • Customer loyalty can be increased through personalized content and interactions.
  • Understanding who your most valuable customers are and why they are valuable to you.
  • Communicating with customer segments through a preferred channel or platform.
  • Meeting specific customer groups where they are.
  • Identifying new opportunities for products, support, and service in a timely and efficient manner.

How to segment customers to collect reviews easily

It can be challenging to keep up with each of your customers or clients individually as your customer or client base grows. It is often beneficial to segment your customers with similar needs to maximize interaction efforts and increase retention. This can assist you, and your team feels more organized and productive when communicating with clients.

A good review collection strategy can be done by a proper segmentation of customers. Look at the below table and get an idea for segmentation of your customers.

Best tools for customer segmentation and review collection

Customer segmentation

In SC Customer Tagging, you can create workflows to tag customers based on what they buy, how much they spend, where they live, and so on. When you place an order, the app will run your workflows against it and apply or remove tags if the workflow is matched.

These auto tags can then be used to segment marketing lists, manage access, and manage discounts.

When you create customer segments to reach potential buyers when they are most likely to move from interest to action, you can improve your conversions and sales.

After segmentation and sale you can start sending review requests with the help of reviewbit.

Review collection

Get familiarized with a best-in-breed app. Install the Reviewbit app, which allows businesses to collect customer reviews via WhatsApp and publish them on product pages with a 30% conversion rate compared to email:

  • Because the platform is WhatsApp, you can easily collect ratings, reviews, and photo/video reviews from your customers.
  • The app is straightforward to use, and it also sends review requests automatically. 
  • You can also have those reviews approved and published automatically.
  • This app also includes a widget that can be customized. As a result, you can customize the review widget to match your store's theme.
  • The rating stars verified badge would increase the trustworthiness of your store.

The segmentation like what they purchase,are they regular, where they live, their age and so on can be done quickly, so your review collection according to the corresponding segmentation can also be done without any hassle. Then what do you think about both apps integration? Yeah,its true. Now onwards your review collection challenges can be resolved by this integration. You can send review requests to any group of customers without any difficulty by thei integration.

Final thoughts

Customer segmentation may be a continuous process, but with the help of a reliable tool, it can be made simple, and thus your review collection can also be made very easily.

Begin with a small number of segments and monitor their performance over time. Gradually add or remove segments as needed, based on their performance.

Not only will segmenting your audience help you increase customer loyalty, but it will also help you create relevant campaigns that will set you apart from the competition.

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