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Spruce up your web pages

Time to spruce up your web pages to increase clicks and purchases.

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Have you ever looked at your online store and thought: This website could use some pizzazz, some oomph.

To polish up your web pages, you can try a few best practices that attract both the eye and the all-important click.

First, refurbish our homepage, which is often the first thing a visitor will see when they come across your site. It’s vital to make it look clean, uncluttered, and have a clear purpose. 

Use a simple, minimal design that doesn’t use Flash or any outdated graphical elements.  You should emphasize homepage features and applications that make an impact, such as for-sale items or recent thought-leadership blog posts, for example.

Also, stick to a consistent color scheme from page to page, as tempting as it may be to play with funky designs and diverse templates. You’re not a visual artist; you’re an e-commerce leader trying to entice shoppers to stick around.

Next, evaluate your key CTAs. More often than not, that will come in the form of an Add to Cart or a Buy Now button. Having a clear CTA can help you convert traffic into sales.

The button should stand out from the rest of the page, which you can accomplish by adding color contrast and bold lettering.

 Then there’s the pizzazz mentioned earlier. Why not experiment with video marketing by adding a video background to certain pages? According to 2020 data, 88% of marketers agree that using video marketing provides positive returns on investment.

Videos arrest a customer’s attention quickly, especially in an era where we’re accustomed to autoplay videos relevant to our interests. The videos can display a variety of visuals, such as a quick profile of you as a store owner and your path to becoming an entrepreneur. Or you can run an explainer video that illustrates how your products or service works. Or maybe you want to showcase a conference or event your team participated in recently. Just ensure the video is produced by professionals, has clear sound, and isn’t so long that a shopper’s mind begins to wander. 

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s also given e-commerce merchants a way to make their web pages stickier and more enticing to shoppers.

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