Product Manager

You will balance quantitative and qualitative research to deeply understand our merchants’ problems, to ensure we are executing on the highest priority work.

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About the position

  • Take on the full responsibilities of a product manager, including executing the product management workflow, backlog management, writing and prioritizing epics and stories, and participating in product events, such as sprint planning, standups, kickoff meetings, estimation and retrospectives;
  • Understand the user experience through qualitative and quantitative research. In order to understand the customers, you'll have to take large amounts of data points, research, and feedback and figure out what is truly important;
  • Be responsible for your products’ vision and strategy. You will own the process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas. By understanding the connections between people's day-to-day work, the overall product vision, and customers' needs, you can prioritize building what matters to achieve the products' strategic goals and initiatives;
  • Deliver features that make an impact on our merchants. You'll take feedback and prioritize potential features by ranking them against strategic goals and initiatives;
  • Build a plan, implement, and then measure success. You'll be responsible for a timeline for implementation of new ideas, and then defining the release process and coordinating all activities to bring this to market. Once implemented, you will help determine what success looks like for the solutions you help build, measuring that success, and keeping stakeholders informed of that progress so that your team can make iterative decisions based on results;
  • Partner with design, engineering, data science, user research, and marketing partners to ship an excellent product with thoughtful success metrics;
  • Connect the dots across experiences and teams to create a cohesive experience that delights new and existing customers.

Job requirements

  • 2 years + experience in Product Management;
  • 2 years + experience with an eCommerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce);
  • An understanding of software development. You don’t necessarily need to know a programming language, but you should have a solid understanding of how things work so you can contribute, give relevant feedback, and keep up with your development team;
  • Previous experience working in a scrum/agile environment;
  • A self-starter who can thrive in ambiguity with little direction;
  • A desire to communicate with current and former customers;
  • An ability to motivate. You listen before speaking and understand before providing solutions. You focus on the relationship and build trust easily;
  • A desire to collaborate. To deliver high-quality features as quickly as possible, you'll need to partner with many different people and departments;
  • A knack for the details, with an understanding of the big picture. In your role, the details matter, and help drive your team forward with a sense of direction and clarity;
  • Excellent communicator who feel comfortable working in a remote environment;
  • Tech savvy and feel comfortable working with a fast-growing tech start-up.

Desirable Skills

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