Synty Studios

Global strategy, local success: Case Study of Synty Store

How Synty Store boosted its global e-commerce reach and efficiency by adopting the Sky Pilot - Digital Downloads App.

Synty Studios
Sky Pilot - Digital Downloads

In this comprehensive case study, we examine how Synty Store, a global e-commerce business specializing in digital content, has achieved remarkable success through the strategic implementation of the Sky Pilot - Digital Downloads app. 

We delve into the challenges Synty Store faced, the solution that transformed their business, and the impressive results they have attained. Additionally, we explore the future prospects of their ongoing partnership with Sky Pilot.

The company: Synty Studios

About Synty Store

Synty Store is a prominent e-commerce business specializing in the creation and sale of digital content, serving the gaming and digital media industry. 

With a diverse catalog of 3D models, assets, and creative resources, Synty Store has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality digital products to a global customer base. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart as an industry leader.

The challenge

Scaling global operations without expanding the tech team

The primary challenge for Synty Store was to build and grow their ecommerce platform for selling digital content globally without the need to scale up their technology team significantly.

This challenge was crucial in ensuring that the business could expand efficiently and sustainably.

The solution: Sky Pilot - Digital Downloads App

Empowering global expansion with seamless integration

The solution to Synty Store's challenge came in the form of the Sky Pilot - Digital Downloads app. Sky Pilot emerged as a trusted partner that seamlessly integrated with Synty Store's Shopify platform, providing a reliable and efficient digital downloads solution. This strategic integration enabled Synty Store to achieve global expansion without the complexities of scaling their technical team.

“Sky Pilot staff have been a delight to work with. They are extremely friendly and responsive. They even helped us reduce our fees when a better plan was available for our store. Thanks Sky Pilot!”

Antony Blackett
Business Development, Synty Store

The result

Impressive outcomes of the synergy between Synty Store and Sky Pilot

The implementation of the Sky Pilot app yielded impressive results for Synty Store:

1. Global expansion

Synty Store successfully expanded its reach to customers worldwide, thanks to Sky Pilot. The app's seamless integration allowed them to operate on a global scale without the need for significant technical resources.

2. Enhanced customer experience

Customers appreciated the reliability and accessibility of digital downloads, leading to a frictionless experience. Sky Pilot ensured that digital content was readily available to customers, regardless of their location.

3. Unparalleled reliability

Synty Store's unwavering trust in Sky Pilot is a testament to the app's reliability. It consistently delivered digital products to customers worldwide without any disruptions.

4. Flexible file hosting

Sky Pilot's flexibility in hosting multiple files per product allowed Synty Store to cater to diverse customer preferences. This data-driven approach helped optimize their product offerings.

5. Minimal customer feedback

The absence of significant customer feedback regarding digital downloads using Sky Pilot indicated a smooth and trouble-free customer experience.

The future

Embracing opportunities and ongoing excellence

Looking ahead, Synty Store envisions a bright future with Sky Pilot as their trusted digital downloads solution. The partnership has not only enabled their global expansion but also positioned them for continued growth and success. 

Synty Store plans to leverage the insights gained from Sky Pilot's flexibility in product hosting to further enhance their offerings and meet evolving customer demands. With Sky Pilot by their side, Synty Store is poised for a future filled with opportunities and continued excellence in delivering digital content to customers worldwide.

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