Silk + Sonder

Championing wellness one referral at a time: Use Case of Silk + Sonder

How this wellness brand is leveraging referral marketing and a community-driven approach to champion self-care.

Silk + Sonder
Referrals marketing program

Introducing Silk + Sonder, a company focused on helping people take charge of their lives and their self-care. In their own words: Silk + Sonder is a wellness program that helps members reclaim the driver's seat of their lives through a science-backed, community-driven approach to self-care. 

The brand’s guided monthly journals combine the best of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and bullet journaling to reduce anxiety and stress while our companion app houses our members-only network, guided audio prompts, and adaptive wellness exercises to inspire your best self. 

Silk + Sonder’s membership program ships monthly journals to their members that include writing prompts, habit and mood trackers, inspirational quotes, and so much more - all aimed at helping their members achieve their self-care goals. 

The Silk + Sonder story 

Silk + Sonder launched their referral program with SC Conjured Referrals at the request of their members. They told us: Our customers often tell us they see themselves as brand advocates and that they love sharing Silk + Sonder with their friends and families. 

“A referral program helps us celebrate our current customer-turned-brand-advocate by helping them pay Silk + Sonder forward in an easy, meaningful way.”

Their straight-forward “Give $10, Get $10” referral program is the perfect example of an easy-to-understand, yet meaningful incentive, so it’s not surprising Silk + Sonder has already had good success from their campaign.

 It’s clear they’ve also spent time making sure the page fits their branding, in both style and tone, which makes a huge difference in earning trust and credibility with customers with a campaign like this. 

Finally, Silk + Sonder knows their audience - their product is one that lends itself well to word-of-mouth marketing. Not every brand is one that people want to tell their friends about, but Silk + Sonder’s journals and other self-care tools are exactly the type of products people would want to share with their friends given how big a positive impact they can have. 

We are so happy that we’re able to help Silk + Sonder’s customers shout from the rooftops about the brand. Their mission to empower people to take the reins in their own lives and proactively approach self-care is one we believe everyone should get behind! 

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