Once Again

Delivering a personalized shopping experience: Case study of Once Again

Once Again achieved higher sales and customer satisfaction through real-time purchase alerts with Advanced Wishlist and Klaviyo.

Once Again
Hulk Advanced Wishlist

This case study brings us an overview of how Once Again’s need for unique requirements was fulfilled by Hulk Advanced Wishlist and Klaviyo

The company

Once Again, based in France, is an innovative online thrift store specializing in buying and (re)selling second-hand clothing items in excellent condition. The company is dedicated to sustainable fashion practices, embodying an eco-conscious approach to business. Once Again is best known for offering one-of-a-kind fashion pieces for both men and women, and that has helped them carve a niche for themselves in the e-commerce market. 

The store wanted to improve and expand their customer experience by sending alerts to customers whose desired items had been purchased by others. 

The challenge: Real-time purchase updates

As described above, Once Again is known for its distinctive business model and a way they are selling clothes, which they are rather proud of. However they recognized a specific problem, i.e. their pain point - sometimes, customers would spend time looking at clothes, adding them to their wishlists, only to find out later that someone else had already bought those clothes. To fix this, Once Again wanted to send personalized messages to customers when this happened. They needed a solution that would work well with the email system they were already using, Klaviyo, and give them details about which clothes were sold out.

The solution: Customized approach to problem solving

Anthony, Once Again's owner, and Jéromine, the e-commerce manager, recognized the need for a custom solution to meet their unique requirements. Here's how we tackled the challenge:

Custom property creation: To track customers who had items in their wishlist that were subsequently sold out, we created a custom property in Klaviyo. This property allowed them to identify and segment customers who experienced the frustration of losing out on their desired products.

Gathering useful metrics: The custom property collected the most important information about the sold-out products, including the product title, price, URL, and customer email. This information was essential for creating personalized email alerts.

Segmentation: Using the custom property, Once Again was able to segment their customer base effectively. This segmentation was based on customers who had items from their wishlist sold out. This allowed Once Again to target these specific customers with relevant emails.

Email personalization: Once Again created a tailored email flow within Klaviyo to send alerts to eligible customers. These emails included personalized content such as the customer's name, the title of the sold-out product, its price, and a link to the product's URL. This approach not only addressed the frustration but also offered an alternative by suggesting other items in the customer's wishlist.

The impact: Higher efficiency and customer satisfaction

Once Again's innovative approach to customer engagement and sales strategy has not only addressed specific pain points but also led to significant improvements in overall customer satisfaction and brand performance.

Higher customer engagement: Once Again successfully addressed the specific pain point of customers who had wished for items that were later sold out. With approximately 40,000 products wishlisted by customers, of which 4,000 eventually sold out, Once Again was able to reach out to around 900 of their customers who had expressed interest in these 4,000 products. This personalized approach significantly improved customer engagement and overall satisfaction.

Increased sales: By including alternative items from customers' wishlists in their alert emails, Once Again experienced a notable boost in sales. Customers were more inclined to make purchases, with an impressive email conversion rate of approximately 40%. This strategy not only retained potential sales but also led to a substantial increase in revenue.

Improved promotion: Once Again leveraged the low stock reminder feature (Ultimate plan) as a prominent element in their LinkedIn and Slack channels. This strategic promotion showcased the limited availability of products, creating a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) among their audience. This approach effectively drove interest and engagement, further enhancing Once Again's brand visibility and desirability.


In conclusion, our custom solution not only addressed a specific customer frustration but also allowed them to leverage their business model's uniqueness. By providing personalized alerts and suggestions, Once Again succeeded in delivering a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience to its customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and improved brand recognition.

Ready to make your customers happy like Once Again did? 

Try Hulk Advanced Wishlist today and see the difference it can make for your online store!

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