Tino Car Care

Higher customer satisfaction: Case Study of Tino Car Care

Learn how Tino Car Care upgraded their Shopify platform with HulkApps, offering Amazon-like convenience and functionality to customers.

Tino Car Care

The Company

Tino Car Care is a company based in London, UK. It specializes in making car cleaning and detailing products. Their offer ranges from car care supplies, car wax, interior cleaner, to exterior wash. The company also sells accessories for cars and special foams for cleaning snow. 

Tino Car Care has been doing business for over 25 years, using new technology to make their products excellent and high quality, but still affordable. They offer additional services like washing your car at your home and a program where you can become an ambassador for their products.

The Challenge

Tino Car Care expressed a need for an Amazon-like page on their Shopify platform. 

The company faced several challenges regarding delivering a better user experience to their customers, including:

  • Enabling customers to easily access tracking information for previous orders,
  • Managing the reordering process, 
  • Simplifying the review submission process.

The main challenge was to provide a consistent support and implementation experience, avoiding the need to engage with numerous app developers, while delivering a branded experience for end-users.

The Solution

HulkApps’ support team addressed the merchant's requirements using three apps:

  • Order Status Tracker: Configured to create a branded tracking page within the account section for easy order tracking without requiring logged-in customers to input their email addresses. This included mapping carriers and syncing the past 15 days' orders.
  • Reorder Master: Integrated to create a user-friendly popup on the order history page, allowing customers to reorder with ease.
  • Product Reviews: Configured to simplify the review submission process. A one-click review submission form was implemented, and for orders with multiple products, a custom popup displaying all ordered items allowed customers to submit individual reviews for each product. This comprehensive solution was consistently applied across 30 different product templates for the store, maintaining a uniform and visually appealing storefront.


Following the implementation of these solutions, the merchant achieved an Amazon-like page experience for their customers, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Order Status Tracker: Provided a custom branded tracking page and well organized reordering process, significantly improving the overall user experience on the platform.

Reorder Master: Enabled a user-friendly reorder popup on the order history page, simplifying the reordering process for customers.

Product Reviews: Made the review submission process simpler and added a layer of customization with the ability to review each product individually, which improved user engagement.

This approach not only met the initial requirements but also ensured a smooth transition for existing data, preventing any loss of reviews or order information during the implementation. The merchant now enjoys a more user-friendly, cohesive, and visually consistent online store that mirrors the convenience and functionality of Amazon.


By leveraging the capabilities of the Order Status Tracker, Reorder Master, and Product Reviews apps, Tino Car Care successfully transformed its Shopify platform into a user-friendly, cohesive, and visually appealing online store. This HulkApps bundle allowed the merchant to enable easy reordering with automated reminders, to showcase user-generated content and to gather tracking information within their store.

The implementation of these solutions not only met the merchant's requirements but also significantly increased user satisfaction and engagement. These improvements have solidified Tino Car Care's status as a leader in the future of car care, demonstrating their dedication to providing a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

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