Cloud Paper

The toilet paper brand planting with purpose one referral at a time: Use Case of Cloud Paper

How this purpose-centered brand launched a referral program to end deforestation.

Cloud Paper
Referral marketing

Cloud Paper is a purpose-driven  company whose mission is to end deforestation. The brand sells 100% bamboo toilet paper and paper towels, saving thousands of trees in the process. In their own words: Cloud Paper is on a mission to end deforestation caused by traditional paper products.With every roll of our bamboo toilet paper and paper towels, we can help save trees! 

The Cloud Paper story

Founded in Seattle, Washington, the company is focused on sustainability at every step of the process. This spans across using FSC-certified bamboo, to zero plastic packaging, to 2x offsetting all carbon emissions from transportation, all the way down to little details like using a cornstarch-based glue to attach the roll to the inner core. 

Cloud Paper breaks with the traditional “Give X, Get Y” referral program mold by offering to plant trees as a reward instead. Advocates can give their friends $10 off, and when their friend makes a purchase, Cloud Paper will plant 10 trees. 

The unique structure didn’t come out of thin air, nor did their original referral program use SC Conjured Referrals to power it. Cloud Paper first launched a “Give $5, Get $5” referral program using another Shopify tool under the hypothesis that “environmentally-conscious folks who buy bamboo toilet paper are also the type to want to share it”. Wanting to A/B test their program’s incentive structure, Cloud Paper also installed SC Conjured Referrals to run a concurrent referral program with the advocate incentive of planting 5 trees, rather than receiving a $5 discount. 

The eco-friendly brand saw +200% more referral shares with the trees/SC Conjured Referrals program. 

Cloud Paper is an excellent example of how brands should run their referral program. They had a hypothesis for what would resonate with their customer base, and iterated on it to find the structure that would be right. The standout brand spent time crafting their messaging, and are actively promoting the program across all of their channels. 

We’re excited to be helping Cloud Paper make the planet a better place—one roll and tree at a time! 

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