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22 Proven strategies for boosting conversions with SC Product Options

How twenty-two of Shopify’s most successful brands are using SC Product Options to fully personalize their product offering and power sales.

Your options. Your way. 

SC Product Options, formerly known as Bold Product Options, lets you create an entirely customizable shopping experience without limits. 

Bypass Shopify's variant limit with as many swatches, sizes, color—or flavor—options as you like. Set up conditional logic to only display options based on what customers select, upsell and cross-sell at every stage of the purchase journey, and deploy any form of product personalization imaginable. 

When there are no limits it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve curated our favorite use cases from Shop Circle and Shopify merchants and brands who have used SC Product Options to optimize their buying experience. 

We hope you find these examples to be a springboard of inspiration as you brainstorm innovative ways to use SC Product Options to drive revenue and nurture growth.

Grand gifting ideas

Today it’s possible to send the perfect present to anyone in the world with just a few clicks. Here are some ways to make your products even more giftable using SC Product Options.

1. Wrap it for the occasion

Use radio buttons or a drop down menu to add the option of gift wrapping—you can even add a surcharge to increase average order value (AOV). Or use it to build up loyalty: Customers love free gift wrapping, especially during the holidays.

Are you selling a product that is gift-able or popular during the busy holiday season? Give the option of gift wrapping for a surcharge and your customers will be grateful for the added convenience. Or use a “free gift wrap with purchase” incentive to sweeten the deal and drive loyalty. 

2. Make it personal

A gift isn’t complete without a heartfelt greeting to go with it. Let customers choose from a selection of cards and add a personalized note to their purchase. To make things feel extra special, consider letting your customer send a handwritten note, like a florist might!

Gift-worthy stationary and office accessories store Levenger offers multiple gifting options including gift wrapping for a charge or a free gift message, for customers who want to add a personalized touch. 

Levenger's gifting options

3. Use conditional logic

Put the perfect finishing touches on your most gift-worthy products using SC Product Options’ conditional logic tools. First, start by asking your customers if they’re purchasing a gift. If so, you can expand a menu with options to include a gift receipt, delay the shipping date, add a note, or some of the other ideas featured in this guide.

Tucking gifting options behind conditional logic doesn’t overwhelm customers who aren’t interested in gifting an item. By grouping your gifting options together, you’re also presenting a stronger case to invest in gifting enhancement.

Conditional logic allows gifting options to your customer.

 4. Give a free gift with purchase

Offering a free gift with purchase makes customers feel special while incentivizing them to complete their purchase. Ensure the gift is something customers want, and even consider offering an exclusive or one-of-a-kind item that will turn consideration into conversion. 

Let customers get a free gift with their purchase right on the product page, without needing to create a separate variant or hidden product. This can be as simple as a yes/no field to receive a gift, or allowing customers to select their free item from options. 

5. Let them know it’s on the way

Supply chain disruptions and inventory shortages can put sellers in an awkward position. If a desirable item is out of stock or has a delayed delivery date, why not enable customers to still make the purchase by giving them a way to let the recipient know their gift is on the way. 

Jewelry seller Baby Gold knows that when it comes to gifting, timing is everything. In the event that an order won’t arrive on time for a special occasion, they offer a printable “Something Amazing” is on the way card— giving the gift of excitement and anticipation.  

Give your customers a branded shipping announcement to share.

The buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) factor

Make it easier for customers to shop with BNPL options like Klarna.

Why it pays to gift

Statistics on the gifting industry.

Upselling inspo 

Using Product Options is a great way to increase revenue by adding upsell and cross-sell opportunities throughout the purchase journey. Promote an affordable entry point, while letting customers add value and have things their way—for the right price.

6. Offer add-ons

Enhance your core offering by serving up complimentary add-ons. This works particularly well if you’re selling a gift set and want to allow for some customization, like adding an extra bottle of flavored olive oil or a chocolate bar to a gift basket.

Add-ons work well in the beauty industry where customers can never have too many replenishable products. DIME Beauty does a great job of recommending complimentary add-ons they know customers will be interested in based on their purchase. 

DIME Beauty Deluxe Skin Bundle

7. Convert more cross-sells

Selling earrings that go perfectly with a necklace or bracelet? Use SC Product Options to add a radio button that customers can use to accept a cross-sell offer on a product. You can link your options to other products on your store, making it easy to cross-sell a set. 

Fashion and jewelry store Shop The Mint uses cross-selling to show customers complimentary products they might also like after they click add to cart. Buying a dress? Why not add the perfect earrings to go with it. Consider offering a discounted price on cross-sells for even more incentive for customers. 

Shop The Mint's cross-selling offer.

Surprise your customers with a mystery gift

Customizable sunglasses seller Shady Rays offers customers a discounted mystery pair of sunglasses when they go to cart. Consider boosting your AOV while creating a fun surprise with a mystery add-on. 

Mystery gift offer from Shady Rays.

8. Sell in layers

Whether you are selling an electronic device that requires add-ons, or a clothing piece that is the base of a complete look, suggesting additional purchase layers not only helps educate customers about their purchase, but can increase AOV as well. 

When customers head to their Pink Lily cart to buy a bodysuit, they are shown several “how to wear it” suggestions with layers of additional products that help build a complete look. This useful fashion inspo has huge revenue potential as well to double or even triple the value on an order. 

Fashion brand Pink Lily builds in purchasing layers to increase AOV.

9. Shorten the lead time

Building a custom product takes time. But sometimes customers need their item a little bit faster. Use SC Product Options to shorten lead times for an upcharge. This is a great way to increase revenue while offering customers white-glove treatment on premium purchases. 

If you are a custom wedding dress or suit maker, chances are you require as many as 20 weeks for a standard turnaround. If a customer needs their custom product in a hurry, cut their lead time by 25-50% for a sliding fee. 

Upcharge for faster turnaround time on premier products.

10. Offer premium options—for a price

The reality is some items just cost more than others. Let customers upgrade to a premium product or variant without needing to start a completely separate item. 

Danish Design Store has pieces of furniture available in their most popular colors ready to go—but they understand the importance of options. With hundreds of swatches to choose from, as you pick a swatch both the production lead time and price adjusts automatically. 

Upsell with product upgrades.

11. Give back 

If your business has a charitable element to it, why not invite customers to add a donation to their purchase right on the product page? Allow customers to donate to a third-party charity, tip an artisan or service provider, or simply top up what they’re paying as a thank you.

Treat donations as Product Options surcharges. Keep it simple by having a single donation amount with a checkbox, or let customers choose from a dropdown menu or radio buttons for varying amounts they’d like to top up their order with.

Allow your customers to give without ever leaving your product page.

Upselling is a win-win

Statistics on upselling.

The power of personalization

Many customers are looking for ways to make products feel truly custom. Use SC Product Options to put the power of personalization at customers’ finger tips. Give customers the option to customize, optimize, and tailor purchases to their exact needs and preferences. 

12. Offer monogram and embroidery 

Give customers the option to monogram or embroider their items—also an easy upsell for most customers. Consider letting them select the size, placement, font, and color of their monogram so it really feels like they’ve made their product their own. 

Fashion and jewelry retailer Kiel James Patrick understands the importance of placing a personal stamp on a precious belonging. Customers can wear their initials proudly on items from their personalized collection. 

Fashion retailer Kiel James Patrick offers personalization.

13. Let them hand pick their order

Increase engagement and customer loyalty by giving customers the freedom to pick the exact flavors, colors, scents, or items that go in their variety box, personalizing their purchase and making it their own. 

Let customers choose the flavors of soda or cookies they receive in a snack kit; the scents and shapes of soaps in a bathroom box; the shades of a lipstick set; or different skincare products based on their skin type for a beauty or wellness purchase. 

Allow customers to customize their kits.

 14. Customize with uploaded images

Use SC Product Options, to give customers the option to upload an image and have it printed on their product. Perfect for pet portraits or a picture of that special someone on items like pillows, blankets, sweatshirts or mugs. 

Pet accessory store Alpha Paw lets pet owners put their favorite furry friend on a variety of gift-able products, from sweaters, to plates and mugs, to couch cushions and more. What pet owner wouldn’t love their dog or cat’s face on a wearable or displayable item they can treasure forever? 

Customize products with uploaded images

Think outside the (product)box

Surprise your customers with unexpected personalization.

15. Get up close and personal 

Don’t be afraid to get personal with customers. Try asking for their social handles and tag them in a post when you’re building a custom product for them. Other ideas include asking customers to enter in a giveaway, sign up for your newsletter, or join your loyalty program. 

Picture a swimwear merchant that lets customers craft one-of-a-kind swimsuits, including reversible prints, matching scrunchies, and the perfect fit to cut. But they also take things one step further and ask to tag customers’ Instagram handles, giving them built-in social content as they fulfill orders. 

Get closer to your customer's by tagging them in social content.

16. Craft a custom design

You provide the options, your customers provide the creativity. Use SC Product Options to let customers craft a custom product from the ground up, like a t-shirt, sneakers, or a tote bag. 

Knockaround lets customers design their dream pair of shades with completely interchangeable parts—all for an impressively low price. Customers choose from a variety of color swatches and options for each individual component of their shades, for a finished product that is designed by them. 

Give your customer's entirely custom products when they design themselves.

Why personalization is profitable

The statistics of personalization in the customer journey.

Logic configuration is key

Put your customers in the driver’s seat by offering plenty of opportunities to customize and tailor

their purchase. This is where SC Product Options' ability to bypass Shopify’s default variant limit really shines. 

17. Swatch and learn

A beautifully designed swatch display can ignite your customers’ imagination and inspire them to hit purchase. The Premium version of SC Product Options allows you to create stunning image and color swatches to dazzle your audiences.

Customizable sunglasses store Shady Rays goes all out, letting customers customize realistic product images—in real time—as they click different colors and options. Many designs show models wearing the configurations as well so customers can see exactly what they are getting.

Use image and color swatches to delight your customers.

18. Offer a quote 

When you’re dealing with a premium product, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to provide a price upfront. SC Product Options can be used to have customers fill out most or all of their product specifications and submit it as a quote request—giving you warm leads to nurture into sales.

If you’re selling an expensive, configurable product, like furniture, or a home renovation, providing a price up front can be tricky. Use Product Options to create an advanced quote builder that prompts customers to fill in all the details of what they’re looking for, from size to materials.

Use Product Options to create an advanced quote builder and warm customer leads.

19. Offer limitless configurations

There’s more than one way to build a computer, bike, or furniture set. SC Product Options cuts down on the number of products needed on your site by simply letting customers choose which configuration they want. 

Danish Design Store lets customers customize every aspect of their sofa, from seating configuration, to a variety of fabric types in a wide range of colors, textures, and durabilities. Customers gain peace of mind, knowing they are making the perfect long-term investment for their home. 

Give customer's exactly what they want with limitless configurations.

20. Let customers edit in the cart

Customer still waffling over that color, cut, or size? Let them have the final say on exactly what they’re getting by letting them edit their options right in the cart. It saves time for your shoppers, putting them that much closer to making a purchase.

This option works great for customizable shirts or products of any kind. From styles, to fabrics and color swatches, to a printed message or monogram, give customers all the personalization tools they need right in the cart and avoid having them navigate away from the checkout to make tweaks and changes. 

Let customers edit right in the cart and prevent them from leaving the checkout.

21. Put forms where the customer is

Use Product Options to add forms on your store for the purpose of registration, waivers, or collecting information to offer a quote. Customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to fill in a form right on the page rather than being redirected to a new window. 

Viking Sports offers convenient registration for their winter indoor soccer leagues on their site. Once the registrant has completed the form they only need hit checkout to complete their purchase. 

Put important forms right into the purchase for a seamless customer experience.

22. Get technical 

If you’re selling car parts or computer components online, the margin for error when placing an order is enormous. Even if a customer has the right type of part selected, they need to ensure it’s the one that fits their specific machine or vehicle, or else they will be returning it down the road. 

Auto Parts dealer UroTuning offers a handy interface with dropdown menus that use conditional logic to determine the exact make, model, and configuration of the customer’s vehicle. They can even save multiple vehicles for a quick and convenient experience next time they return for a new part. 

Explore endless options

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can do with SC Product Options. We hope you feel inspired after reading this guide and are ready to customize your shopping experience to convert more. 

Try SC Product Options first for free, and create an entirely customized shopping experience for your store. 

Shop Circle is the first operator of e-commerce tools, providing cutting-edge tools that help brands ignite sales, grow farther, faster, and scale without limits.

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