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Get started with Swatches using SC Product Options

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Learn how to set up Swatches using SC Product Options. You will learn: What Swatches are. How to set up single and multiple choice Swatches for your Option Sets.


Hey there, this is Jason from Shop Circle and today in this video we'll be going over the swatches option on bold product options here and showing you how to set that up. Let's get started.

I'm in my store here and one thing to keep in mind that the swatches is a premium feature, so just make sure that you're on the premium plan in order to use it. Okay, let's get started.

I'm going to create a new option set for you and we're just going to do something random here, making sure that always when you create a new option set you pick the applicable product. And then from here, as you can see, we have a choice of swatches, single choice and multiple choice. If you want your customers to only choose one of the options you give them, then you would choose the single. And then if you want the multiple there, you choose the multiple.

Let's go multiple here. And let's say value one is dog and value two is cat. The great thing with swatches is that it includes a image or a color. It's a great way to showcase your customers on what exactly they're receiving when they pick the corresponding option here.

For this, we got dog and cat. We got this cute pictures of dogs and cats here and there we go. I'm satisfied with this. And we're going to save it. And that's it there. We're going to save this option set and we're just going to wait a little bit for that to be synced to happen so that it'll come up on the live store.

Now the sync does take a couple of minutes, so in the meantime I'll show you a example of swatches on preexisting product here. As you can see for this product in the address plaque, we have swatches for different finishes for this piece of metal here. You can see customers can choose from brass, bronze, bronze verde, so on and so forth. And they can see a preview picture of what exactly that is there. And once again, here at the bottom as well, we have different types of wall mounts and the customer can see the corresponding image there.

All right, that pretty much sums up the swatches feature. So if you feel like you need it there, just keep in mind that it is a premium feature on the premium plan. All right, I'll see you in the next video. Take care.

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