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Create a unique Shopify experience with the flexible customization of SC Product Options

Transform your Shopify store with SC Product Options, maximizing customization and revenue while exceeding customer expectations.

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In the busy world of e-commerce, personalization, and customization are not just trends—they're expectations. Shoppers seek unique products customized to their desires, pushing merchants to find innovative ways to meet these demands.

Introducing SC Product Options, a Shopify app designed to revolutionize how merchants offer and manage product customizations. This app empowers store owners to boost revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline the shopping experience. 

Let's dive into how its key features can transform your Shopify store.

Exploring infinite Add-On Charge options: A way to increase revenue

The challenge of increasing average order value is familiar to many merchants. Traditional limitations on product variants can suppress creativity and restrict the potential for additional revenue through customization. 

SC Product Options shatters these barriers by enabling infinite add-on charge options.

Imagine offering everything from gift wrapping and rush order fees to unique product customizations without worrying about Shopify's variant limit. This feature opens up a new world of possibilities for merchants to enhance their product offerings and, in turn, their bottom line.

For instance, a boutique offering handmade candles can introduce options for custom scents, personalized labels, and premium packaging, each with its own additional charge. This approach not only increases the average order value but also makes each purchase feel special and tailored to the individual customer.

Unlocking personalization: The File Upload Feature

Personalization is at the heart of modern e-commerce. However, integrating personalized elements into products can be difficult due to technical hurdles and the challenge of collecting custom information. 

The File Upload Feature of SC Product Options simplifies this by allowing customers to directly upload images or files with their orders. This seamless integration means that offering personalized products is as easy as a few clicks, no coding required.

Consider a store specializing in custom phone cases. With the File Upload Feature, customers can upload their photographs or designs, creating a truly personalized product. This capability not only enhances the customer experience but also fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the brand.

Mastering Sales with Conditional Logic

Too many product choices can make customers feel overwhelmed and tired of making decisions.

SC Product Options tackles this with Conditional Logic, a feature that dynamically adjusts available options based on customer selections. This smart approach ensures that customers are only presented with relevant choices, making the shopping process more intuitive and enjoyable.

An online store selling customizable laptops can utilize Conditional Logic to simplify the selection process. As a customer chooses a laptop model, only compatible upgrades and accessories are displayed. This not only prevents confusion but also streamlines the customization process, making it easier for customers to build their perfect laptop.


The SC Product Options app is more than just a tool; it's a pathway to transforming your Shopify store into a dynamic, customer-centric platform. 

With Add-On Charges, File Uploads, and Conditional Logic, merchants can deliver a shopping experience that doesn't just meet customer expectations but exceeds them.

These features enable stores to boost revenue, enhance customer engagement, and stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

Dive into the world of SC Product Options and unlock the potential of your Shopify store today.

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