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From points to optimized customer LTV: Get the most out of your loyalty program

Thinking about launching a loyalty program? Here are some ways you can unlock SC Loyalty Points & Rewards to see maximum payoff in your loyalty program

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We recently shared a series of posts on everything you need to know about launching a successful customer loyalty program.

In our first post, we explored the benefits of offering a loyalty program using SC Loyalty Points & Rewards, formerly known as Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards, and walked you through everything you needed to know to get started

In our second post, we took a peek into the world of points, exploring all the creative ways you can reward customer loyalty, strengthening the bond between your brand and customers.

Today we’re going to tie it all together with some advanced features.  

Redeem points in the checkout

Another handy option with SC Loyalty Points & Rewards is to let customers redeem points right in the checkout, just like cash. Gone are days of loyalty programs making customers check out on the product page to redeem points, running the risk of the unfamiliar cart scaring them away.

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards give customers the same checkout they're used to, making it easy to provide a seamless redemption process. Customers can use discount codes to generate rewards for dollar amounts, percentages, or shipping discounts.

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards also offers a better shipping process. Customers are given the freedom to be charged a regular shipping rate, or pay with points. It also allows a mixed cart at checkout (some items being redeemed with points, some without), and lets customers redeem points and use a coupon code at the same time.

Lets see some loyalty programs in action

The Skinny Food Co offers a relatively straight-forward “Loyalty Scheme” where customers earn points on every food purchase. Remember, it’s ok to get creative with the name and branding of your rewards program so it stands out from the crowd.

Image via: The Skinny Food Co

Real Good Foods want their customers to feel like owners, offering rewards and perks to shareholders only, including gift cards, free merch, and monthly food packages.

Image Via: Real Good Foods

Here’s one for the train hobbyists. Trainz offered a tiered loyalty program that levels up as they earn points, eventually unlocking premium status with a 5X point multiplier. All aboard!

Image via: Trainz

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards makes it easy

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards app is a simple, powerful tool that makes it easy to reward customers. You decide how many points they will receive for each product they purchase, which they can then redeem for rewards. It’s that simple. The app is fully customizable, drives repeat purchases, and schedules sales with the click of a button.

Maximize your sales

Increase engagement on your store by running sales without lowering your prices:

Increase loyalty

Surprise and excite your customers with personalized rewards to show you care.

Access built-in marketing tools

Launching a loyalty program is step one, but once you are up and running it’s important to market your offer. SC Loyalty Points & Rewards gives you access to a full set of email templates you can send to customers when they earn or redeem points, as well as a welcome email for when they join the program.

These come ready to go, but you can customize them to match your brand. We’ve even built in tracking analytics to track how many points your customers are earning and redeeming so you can always keep your program up to date.

Our Shop Circle support team is dedicated to your success

As the first operator of e-commerce tools, we take customer service seriously. Our support team is available by email, chat, or phone to answer any questions you have once your program is up and running.

More amazing features with SC Loyalty Points & Rewards

Check out SC Loyalty Points & Rewards on the Shopify app store for a more detailed run down on all its great features, but here are four of our favorites to give you a sneak peek:

Ready to launch your Loyalty Program?

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog series on SC Loyalty Points & Rewards.

It’s time to unlock your store’s full potential with a loyalty program that increases customer lifetime value (LTV), builds loyalty, and drives repeat revenue.

If you have already downloaded the app, we hope you learned something new about how to get the most out of your loyalty program. If you want to try a 14-day free trial, you can here.

Shop Circle is the first operator of ecommerce tools, providing cutting-edge tools that help brands ignite sales, grow farther, faster, and scale without limits.

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