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Global opportunities: Expanding your e-commerce presence with Releasit

Customers prefer Cash on Delivery? Releasit unlocks these top markets for your Shopify store.

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Growing your business internationally can be a profitable opportunity, especially when you understand the local payment preferences. Cash on delivery (COD) is a payment method that holds significant sway in certain regions, making it a crucial consideration for businesses looking to expand globally. 

Releasit’s two Shopify apps offer solutions for Cash on Delivery payments, that allow you to tap into markets where this payment method is prevalent. Let's explore which countries favor Cash on Delivery the most and how Releasit can help you expand your reach.

Cash on delivery: A global perspective

The worldwide appetite for online shopping is growing rapidly. With over 1.92 billion online shoppers globally, only a small fraction resides in the United States. Expanding internationally opens the door to a vast pool of potential customers, boosting revenue and stabilizing your business.

Expanding abroad isn't just for big corporations. Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses are successfully exporting goods worldwide.

According to Global Payments Report 2023, several countries stand out for their high usage of Cash on Delivery payments. These include Vietnam, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Peru, Taiwan, and South Africa. In these countries, Cash on Delivery is not just a payment option - it's a preferred method for many consumers.The Global Payments Report 2023 offers valuable insights and guidance on the significance of Cash on Delivery across different countries. When speaking about the top Cash on Delivery countries on a global level, here is where the countries land in terms of Cash on Delivery use:

Top COD Countries Globally

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of Cash on Delivery in these markets is the trust factor. In regions where online shopping is still growing, customers often prefer paying for their purchases in cash upon delivery. This gives your customers a sense of security and control over their transactions.

For businesses looking to expand into these markets, offering Cash on Delivery as a payment option can be a key asset since these countries have a strong preference for such payment methods. It opens up your products to a wider audience and allows you to tap into the purchasing power of consumers who prefer this transaction option.

Releasit's market presence

Releasit's market presence is a testament to its global impact, with varying degrees of visibility in different countries.

Releasit's Market Visibility

Releasit's market presence is particularly strong in Columbia, India, and Italy, where it has not only established a significant level of visibility but also gained a substantial user base and market interest. 

In Columbia, Releasit has managed to capture the attention of consumers and businesses alike, indicating a high level of trust and adoption within the market. Similarly, in India and Italy, Releasit apps have made a considerable impact, showcasing their ability to meet the needs and preferences of diverse and dynamic markets. 

Open the Door to International Markets with Releasit

For businesses aiming to broaden their global reach, Releasit offers a competitive advantage by meeting the needs of markets where Cash on Delivery is a preferred payment selection.

Expanding to countries where Cash on Delivery is common requires a reliable payment processing system, and Releasit provides just that. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Shopify, Releasit empowers businesses to scale their operations and reach new heights in the global market.

Employing Releasit apps can offer a chance to grow your business, not just in regions where Releasit is established, but also in populous countries with growing online shopping. By focusing on these new unexplored markets and using tailored strategies, you can increase your earnings and build a stronger presence in these regions.

Ready to go global with Releasit? Let's explore the possibilities together!

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