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Why SC Store Locator Map was the Solution for Slawsa from Shark Tank

We love e-commerce success stories. Learn how SC Store Locator Map helped Slawsa grow and scale.

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At Shop Circle we are passionate about finding ways to help small businesses grow, and love sharing stories about their success in the e-commerce world. 

When Slawsa, a slaw-salsa hybrid condiment that had placement in over 4,000 grocery stores, went to pitch the Sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank,”  never before had a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) grocery product had so much retailer confidence prior to the pitch.

So when it came time to prepare for their airing, they did a few things. The main one was moving their online store to Shopify.

They wanted to make sure they were on a platform that could hold up to the traffic spikes they anticipated from being on the show.

Other than their Shark Tank airings, Slawsa regularly saw spikes in traffic as a result of celebrities/food influencers posting about their love for the innovative condiment.

How did Slawsa manage massive spikes in traffic?

Slawsa’s Chief Effort Officer and 2015’s Top Women in Grocery honoree, Julie Busha, spoke about their issues with store locator apps. 

"Our problem was that we went through three different store locator apps in the last year, each of whom guaranteed they’d hold up to traffic spikes, yet even with advance notice, rarely did. I don’t know if our large store count, a massive traffic spike or the combination thereof that caused the issues, but we had constant store locator inconsistencies that were costing us time and money. Imagine the sales lost if thousands of people are looking to buy your product in a store near them, yet can’t access that data,” said Busha.

Unlike many food businesses that appear on Shark Tank who mainly rely on online sales since they're regional in nature, Slawsa prefers to drive traffic to their major retail partners to encourage customers to try their products.

SC Store Locator Map was finally the solution we were looking for. In addition to being able to handle all of our locations and traffic spikes, we were also able to note where to find Slawsa in each store while a customer was looking up their favorite location.” - Julie Busha, Chief Effort Officer, Slawsa

SC Store Locator Map scales with high-growth brands to ensure customers can find the products they are looking for every time, no matter how big traffic spikes get. 

Image Via: Slawsa

SC Store Locator Map features

If you're looking for a powerful and customizable store locator app for your

Shopify store, SC Store Locator Map has it all. It's extremely user-friendly and you can literally have it up and running in just one day!

Here's a list of just a few of the latest features for SC Store Locator Map:

  • Add unlimited locations. Even if your products are sold in over 10,000 stores nationwide, you can still tag them all.
  • Manually enter, or bulk import stores.
  • Drop pin overrides & customizations. Move any store's pin exactly where you want it. Plus you can use any image you want for your pins. (For example, your store's icon).
  • Built-in real-time distance calculator. Drag your location to a new spot on the map and it will recalculate on the fly.
  • Create custom fields for each location. For example "Payment Methods Accepted" or "Special Instructions."
  • GET DIRECTIONS! Customers can get directions to any of your locations or dealers using the official Google Maps interface.
  • Search by address, zip or postal code, or city.
  • Customize the look and feel of the Store Locator. Font colors, drop pin color, HTML descriptions above or below it, change the units from KM to Miles, and much more.
  • Customize all the titles, wording, button text, and results in text. Give it a feel that is consistent with your store's branding!
  • Customize the layout and what's displayed for the address listings and the popup bubbles.
  • Customize your map size, where geographically it starts, and from what zoom level!
  • Add stores one at a time, or bulk import them using our wizard. Works with Snazzy Maps too.

The most important SC Store Locator Map feature:

With the premium version of SC Store Locator Map, you can see a heatmap report of where your customers are searching for you or your products. This gives you priceless information about where there is demand for your brand, product, or store!

Try SC Store Locator Map for FREE

If you want to try SC Store Locator Map for free on your Shopify store, you can download it here.

Make sure your customers know how to find your products with an interactive store locator map, geolocation, and real-time directions.

Shop Circle is the first operator of e-commerce tools, providing cutting-edge solutions that help modern brands grow and scale. 

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