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Video marketing meets digital delivery: Introducing the Wistia-Sky Pilot integration

Merchants looking for a seamless solution to video product downloads can rest easy thanks to a new integration between Wistia and Sky Pilot.

3 Minutes, 3 Seconds

When you manage a Shopify store brimming with video products, you need a strategic approach to ensure visitors can easily download your videos or associated items. Maybe your store produces courses on how to sew or how to leverage Photoshop effectively, or maybe your store is filled with cooking instructions for home chefs. 

Now you can guarantee your visitors will take advantage of the videos you offer them. Shop Circle’s popular Sky Pilot app, which allows for content downloads, is integrating with video marketing and streaming platform Wistia with the goal to give store owners the flexibility they need to drive more engagement and conversions. 

With the Wistia integration, customers can head to the video page on a Shopify store’s website, and then interact with an embedded call-to-action box, whether in the form of a URL or a fillable field. The customer can then take action to purchase and download the streaming video. 

Breaking down Sky Pilot’s value

With Sky Pilot, merchants can unlock new revenue streams by allowing customers to automatically deliver downloadable digital files, digital products, courses, music and ebooks. But what are its key features?

  • Create easy-to-navigate delivery of multiple digital items organised into folders.
  • Your customers will have quick access to files and videos immediately after purchase.
  • Customizable pages deliver your files and videos to customers.
  • File protection that can limit downloads per file, as well as set access to expire after a chosen number of days.
  • Files/videos can be attached to physical products without affecting fulfilment status, easily allowing you to sell files/videos bundled with a physical product.
  • Organize files and videos into folders and playlists, customizable to a store’s specific needs.
  • Unlimited files/videos per item in your store.

Learn how Sky Pilot also empowers merchants to combat e-commerce fraud.

Making the most out of Wistia

“The Wistia integration is valuable as it gives the merchants a way to sell access to videos to their customers,” says Brett Mikulik, product manager at Shop Circle. “The customers can then stream the videos right on their store, instead of downloading them, which can save money. It gives options instead of having just one video provider available to choose from.”

Founded in 2006, Wistia lets you record videos right from your browser, and offers a range of customizable options for merchants to place actionable links on their pages. They also integrate with Eventbrite which allows customers to click on a link within a video stream to, say, learn more about a networking even or conference the merchant is seeking to promote. 

Mikulik points out that Wistia’s back end is robust enough to satisfy the most passionate Big Data geek. “Its analytics tool lets you see a video’s play rate, find out how downloaded content performs, the engagement level, and conversion rates based on the CTA you produced,” he adds.

Video consumption is surging in the past few years, perhaps driven by the pandemic forcing people to spend more time indoors. According to a report by Wistia, the annual amount of video plays continues to go up every year and increased 77% from 2019 to 2021.

Digital products continue to be attractive to online shoppers. It’s projected to rocket to a $331 billion industry by the end of 2022, and the pandemic gave rise to a head-turning stat: the share of digital or digitally enabled products in the portfolios of executives around the world has accelerated by a shocking seven years, a McKinsey report found

Sky Pilot users have continued to laud the app’s benefits, whether they run a store allowing downloads of ebooks or one with dozens of videos for customers to choose from. Mikulik says “Sky Pilot has been enjoying steady growth since we acquired it, and it’s a very user-friendly app that varies from other digital download apps that can be restrictive or difficult to figure out.”

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