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Unlock revenue streams and pivotal customer data with new Sky Pilot-Klaviyo integration

Sky Pilot and Klaviyo integrate, allowing merchants and brands selling digital downloads to deliver remarkable end-to-end shopping experiences on Shopify.

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For growing online businesses, it’s not enough to pave the path for customers to enjoy a seamless shopping journey and offer compelling digital products. To be a stand-out merchant or brand, you must engage and nurture meaningful communications with customers to unlock increased sales and higher retention rates.

To point, a survey by Epsilon reported that 80% of consumers indicated they were more likely to do business with a company that provided personalized experiences.

Committed to helping Shopify merchants and brands deliver customer-obsessed end-to-end communication strategies that convert, Shop Circle is excited to announce a new powerful integration with Klaviyo

Powering remarkable end-to-end digital shopping experiences

Setting up marketing automation campaigns is critical to e-commerce success. A Marketo report shows that marketing automation can increase sales leads by 80% and decrease cost per lead by 33%.

SALES Manago adds to the data, showing that marketing automation drives 173% higher open rates for newsletters and sales emails.

And then there’s Klaviyo—leading the way in enabling multi-channel customer communications through email and SMS. With Klaviyo, online brands can combine unlimited Customer-First Data through more than 300 data integrations across the Shopify ecosystem. In 2021 alone, this approach helped brands generate more than $28 billion in revenue.

Sky Pilot serves up a seamless, secure solution for selling digital downloads. Plugging right into your Shopify site, Sky Pilot handles all the digital deliveries online. Sell and send videos, music, ebooks, podcasts, PDFs, PNGs, EMPs, JPGs, well, you get the picture. Customers receive access to download immediately after purchase in a fully on-brand experience. 

Klaviyo then extends that experience by serving on-brand, personalized communications that make customers feel seen—all in one platform.

Here’s an exact walk-through on how to enable this Klaviyo-Sky Pilot partnership. 

Why the Klaviyo-Sky Pilot integration matters

Simply put, it’s the perfect fit. 

Available now, the Klaviyo-Sky Pilot integration gives Shopify merchants and brands the ability to identify customers who purchased digital products, and in turn let them know whether that product was downloaded or not, explains Camilla Giovannini, Senior Product Manager at Shop Circle.

“This allows merchants to manage their campaign across the customer lifecycle, such as notifying them with a ‘thank-you-for-your-order, and now here’s your digital content’ email,” she adds, noting how merchants can then track if that digital content was downloaded/purchased by the customer.

The integration allows for two key pieces around data tracking:

  1. Product tags track when an order includes a digital item (at product or variant level).
  2. Events track when customers have downloaded or viewed their digital item.

What does this mean for the bottom line? Giovannini notes that a brand can leverage communications to improve customer loyalty and retention rates across several meaningful touchpoints in the customer journey such as:

  • Sending general reminders for customers to view content, and when relevant, time-specific reminders when digital content is about to expire.
  • Tapping visibility into which digital items were added to cart or purchased and setting up segmented flows in Klaviyo to launch upsell or cross-sell campaigns.
  • Sharing product updates with existing customers to grow LTV.

“And what’s really great about Klaviyo is that merchants and brands can customize the look and feel of their email marketing campaigns to match the design of their brand’s look,” she adds.

What this Sky Pilot-Klaviyo integration can do is feed more customer data into the merchant’s analytics platform. For example, if a merchant has a streaming video available through Sky Pilot, this partnership can tell merchants if that video has been streamed or not. If it hasn’t, merchants  can set up an email marketing trigger to notify customers that the streaming video is still available to watch, or they can alert customers if the video expires by a certain date. 

If the video can only be downloaded, the Klaviyo integration can detect if customers downloaded the video via Sky Pilot.

Read: Video marketing meets digital delivery.

Giovannini says an important wrinkle, albeit technical, would be helpful for developers to understand. Sky Pilot can offer several variants based on which products were purchased. 

The Klaviyo integration can in-turn let Sky Pilot users know at that variant level which digital item has been downloaded.

That also means merchants and brands can trigger abandoned cart flows as they will be notified that the basket included a product or variant with a digital item attached to it. 

The digital downloads-mar-tech super power

Leveraging a marketing automation platform such as Klaviyo strengthens brands by giving them deeper insight on how to engage with their consumers, learn their shopping habits and customize each experience to specific customers. 

Now with the Sky Pilot-Klaviyo integration, new revenue streams for digitally delivered content can be unlocked and Shopify merchants and brands are given a holistic 360-degree view of how customers interact with their products.

Here’s an exact walk-through on how to enable this Klaviyo-Sky Pilot partnership. 

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