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Unlocking the potential of the enhanced SC Customer Tagging app

Unlock the potential of Shopify customer management with enhanced features in the SC Customer Tagging app. Streamline marketing and enhance customer experiences.

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Managing customer information was once a task buried in a mountain of paperwork and confusion. The arrival of SC Customer Tagging, a versatile tag app, revolutionized this process, transforming it into an effortless task. Due to Shopify customer tags, this unique tool transformed laborious manual entries into sophisticated, simple-to-manage digital tagging.

But that's not all—SC Customer Tagging has now been significantly improved! It has evolved, incorporating new features to supercharge your experience of how to tag customers in Shopify.

Get ready to experience the next level of capabilities, as we are about to roll out an empowering new tool that will enhance the Shopify tagging experience for customers.

Before we dive deeper, let's do a quick recap of the SC Customer Tagging app.

10 new workflow templates for limitless customer tagging options 

SC Customer Tagging is an intuitive Shopify tag app designed to help merchants and brands alike categorize and tag their customers based on various criteria such as purchase history, location, and engagement levels. By leveraging SC Customer Tagging, e-commerce merchants and brands can personalize interactions, enhance marketing strategies, and boost customer retention.

The latest update adds 10 brand-new workflow templates, including auto tags, to your arsenal. These templates are pre-built, customizable, and designed to make the Shopify create tags process seamless and effective. You can now easily identify and segment high spenders, first-time buyers, students, track specific discount codes used, and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

Sarah Mizzi, Product Manager with Shop Circle explains, "Customer tagging enables data-driven decision-making through customer segmentation. It empowers you to transform Shopify customer data into the wisdom necessary to foster meaningful connections. These templates enhance the already versatile capabilities of the app, making it an essential tool for personalized marketing strategies and improved customer engagement.”

SC Customer Tagging templates

9 ways these templates are so valuable:

  1. Effortless customer tagging: The 10 new workflow templates allow for easy and efficient tagging of customers based on various criteria such as purchase behavior, location, and engagement levels. This streamlines the process of categorizing customers, eliminating the need for laborious manual entries.
  2. Personalized interactions: Shopify merchants and brands can create personalized interactions with their customers. The templates allow for the identification and segmentation of high spenders, first-time buyers, and other specific customer groups. This enables targeted communication and tailored offers, fostering more meaningful connections.
  3. Enhanced marketing strategies: Create effective marketing strategies. For instance, identifying students through student ID tags and segmenting them for targeted campaigns allows merchants to offer student-specific discounts and promotions, improving engagement and sales.
  4. Marketing automation integration: Categorize customers using tags and then integrate this valuable customer data with marketing automation tools like Zapier. This integration enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by enabling the delivery of targeted emails to specific customer segments.
  5. Seamless email marketing campaigns: Launch highly targeted email marketing campaigns. By utilizing the segmented customer data, merchants can send personalized emails, resulting in improved customer engagement and higher conversion rates.
  6. Data-driven decision-making: Delve into insights into customer behavior and preferences. The templates help merchants gather actionable data, allowing them to make informed choices to enhance their business strategies.
  7. Enhanced customer experience: Deliver a more personalized shopping experience for customers. By understanding and catering to the unique needs of different customer segments, merchants can create interactions that resonate better with their audience, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  8. Resource optimization: Allocate resources more efficiently by tailoring their efforts to specific customer segments, ensuring a higher return on investment for their marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  9. Comprehensive support: Make the most of the app's capabilities without facing significant challenges during the adoption process.

SC Customer Tagging templates

How new SC Customer Tagging work

Let's delve into some of the key features of the  app. When a customer checks out with a student ID, you can easily identify them as a 'student' using the create tags feature. If you spot a repeat customer, why not tag them as a 'loyal customer' and utilize this customer data to offer them special discounts or complimentary gifts?

But that's not just it! With our auto tags feature, you can extend the power of tagging to marketing segmentation. By categorizing your customers with tags, you can integrate this invaluable Shopify customer data with marketing automation tools like Zapier. Pair this with the Shopify email app, and you are all set to launch targeted emails for Shopify customers, enhancing your Shopify email marketing campaigns. 

SC Customer Tagging templates

Capitalizing on SC Customer Tagging delivers:

Data-driven insights: Leveraging Shopify customer details, glean insightful information about consumer actions that can help you make better choices.

Personalized marketing: Use Shopify's email marketing to target specific groups of customers and boost interaction and sales.

Improved customer experience: Deliver a more personalized shopping experience by understanding and catering to the unique needs of different customer segments.

Optimize your resources: Use Shopify customer details to allocate your people and time more efficiently, ensuring the best return on investment.

SC Customer Tagging templates


In short, these 10 new workflow templates introduced in the enhanced SC Customer Tagging app offer Shopify merchants and brands an array of valuable benefits. From simplifying customer tagging to enabling targeted marketing campaigns and improved customer experiences, these templates enhance the overall customer management process and empower businesses to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.

Start your free trial today and unleash the full potential of Shopify customer tags!

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