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1 of every 6 books sold is an e-book. Could yours be one of them?

With massive shifts in the commerce landscape, e-books found remarkable traction. And digital downloads are enabling this massive growth in literary e-commerce.

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A funny thing happened during the pandemic. People who didn’t regularly walk went outside with their families. While we watched movies, we also opened books, courtesy to the easy availability of e-books. According to the Pew Research Center, 75% of Americans picked up a book and read at least part of it. About 30% of these read an e-book.

That’s a big deal, considering that this percentage has increased by over 7% since 2011. It also represents a marketing idea of downloadable files worth exploring.

The history of e-books

The concept of free electronic books goes back to 1971 with the founding of Project Gutenberg by  Michael Hart. This noble volunteer effort has brought e-books to millions of people, mainly classics and older works that are still relevant today. Its staying power says a lot about the validity of pursuing this market segment. The figures from the data of the industry support this premise.

The current e-book market

Annual e-book sales skyrocketed by 22% in 2020. Of course, the pandemic has influenced the market. With libraries and retail outlets closed, people had few options for feeding their need to read. It created the perfect storm for the e-book market to thrive. The result was 191 million e-book sales in 2020 in the United States alone.

Amazon, Rakuten Kobo, and Apple are the major players in the market. While North America is the largest segment, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing one. The outlook is expected with an estimated CAGR of 3.62 percent through 2026. Unsurprisingly, an age difference exists, with young readers who are more likely to consume books digitally. However, the gaps are narrowing.

Another factor driving e-book sales is the use and familiarity of online educational technology. Remote learning has made people more comfortable using these resources. Children are also getting an early start, with 93% of US teachers doing at least some coursework online. Many services have also gone this route, from Social Security to vehicle tabs, to job applications. 

Benefits of going digital

Many benefits exist for businesses that choose to sell digital downloads. Your shop is available 24/7/365; it never closes, making it accessible for everyone, everywhere, at any time. People have come to appreciate shopping when it suits them. 

Moreover, you have an unlimited inventory when you sell downloads online. Nothing is out of stock. It’s instant gratification for the buyer and your bottom line rising without having to be obsessively hands-on.

Your profit margin with physical goods depends on your inventory or the other products you create, such as t-shirts or prints from art. That’s your passive income. When you have a website to sell digital products, your investment is what it costs to produce each piece. You can realize a significant bump in sales, coupled with lower overhead.

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Planning a future with a digital library

Setting up an online store is a tedious process if you build it from scratch. Many tasks, such as order management, security, and your digital library are time-consuming without a platform to streamline the process for you. That’s where Sky Pilot digital products come into play. It takes care of the work behind the scenes, allowing you to create a professional-looking online marketplace.

Sky Pilot can help you create your branded storefront. You can reach your targeted audience with a website that appeals to your consumer base. You can sell videos on Shopify in addition to e-books, courses, or downloadable files. You can also use the app to bundle physical goods that complement your digital sales.

Most online buyers want a personalized experience. Sky Pilot can make it happen with customizable delivery pages. It can allow you to engage with your customers and foster brand loyalty. When you sell digital files through Sky Pilot, your users get instant access to their purchases. It also provides a convenient portal for buyers to view their shopping history through a single account.

Sellers will appreciate the intuitive order management interface. You can view and download visitor activity to review the effectiveness of your marketing all from one dashboard. It’s especially helpful because it can also give you insights into how people access and use your site.

Smartphones and tablets have a competitive edge over e-readers. It’s also worth noting that experts expect retail ecommerce sales to rise to over $728 billion by 2025, an increase of more than twice the total 2021 revenue. That makes having an ecommerce store where buyers can download in Shopify a wise choice to ride this wave. Sky Pilot gives you a mobile-friendly site to support your needs in every way. This interface, combined with the analytics, can help you deliver digital products in user-friendly formats. You’ll likely find it vital for growing your business and following future buying trends.

Final thoughts

The question isn’t if you should sell a digital product, but when will you make it happen? Sky Pilot offers the tools you need to reach your targeted audience with your books and other digital products. The figures tell the story. E-books are here to stay with a trajectory that shows the sky's the limit, and Sky Pilot is the staircase to keep climbing up.

Having a user-friendly interface with seamless delivery of your downloadable files is a must-have. Sky Pilot can put your business on the cutting edge. Sign up today to start your 14-day trial. You can even dip your toes in the water with a free plan and let your shop grow with your business. Going digital couldn’t be any easier.

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