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10 stores using SC Product Options to enhance their shopping experience

Looking for inspo on the best way to use SC Product Options? Check out 10 stores that have optimized their shopping experience to impress.

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Online shopping has come a long way since the days of Amazon’s launch in 1995.  

Not just in terms of look and feel, but also the way customers navigate on different devices, add items to their cart, earn points, customize their order, use payment gateways, and access tracking, shipping options, and click-and-collect options.

Today, we shop online all the time. And we aren’t just ordering books, electronics, or holiday gifts. Some people order groceries, cosmetics, meal plans, subscription boxes, and even consulting services.

Customer expectations have also evolved. Today’s savvy shopper expects a smooth, seamless experience from the first touchpoint to the final delivery.

That’s where SC Product Options comes in, letting you create an entirely customizable shopping experience with limitless options. But instead of telling you about all the great things you can do with one app, we want to show you.

Here are 11 leading merchants using options to offer customers an elevated shopping experience.

1. Pink Lily Boutique

Pink Lily Boutique is a popular women's clothing store offering style and sophistication on a budget. With a variety of custom options and flexible payment options, they make shopping for that next seasonal wardrobe a breeze.

Image Via: Pink Lily Boutique

One standout feature of their store is the “Shop The Look'' section that appears under each product selected. This approach feels less like an upsell and more like a recommendation of complimentary items that could be used to build a complete look.

Image Via: Pink Lily Boutique

Customers will thank you for the helpful recommendations and you can enjoy increased AOV. It’s a win-win!

2. Shady Rays

Shady Rays sells customizable eyewear and sunglasses in a variety of styles and configurations. They take swatches to the next level by allowing customers to actually see realistic product images for the swatch they have selected, complete with models wearing the sunglasses. This gives customers complete confidence in the exact look and style of their selection.

Image Via: Shady Rays

They also are an excellent example of how to add upsells on to a product page without feely too aggressive. Notice in the above image there is an option to upgrade the sunglasses from Original Polarized to Pro Polarized for a slight price increase. They also ask for an extra $14.00 to include a protective hardshell case, while reminding the customer they get free shipping.

When it comes to upselling, remember to be cool about it and make it feel more like a premium option.

3. Qualtry

Gift personalization pros Qualtry let customers "make someone's day" without leaving home—a feature with extra value in a post-pandemic world. Cheer a friend, family member, or co-worker up by engraving their name on a Bluetooth speaker, mug, or custom cutting board.

Image Via: Qualtry

Customers can choose from a number of giftable products and then add a stamp of personality. Images update in real-time, allowing gift shoppers to see what their item is going to look like before committing to a purchase.

Image Via: Qualtry

4. EZ Corporate Clothing

You don't need to know someone with a screen printing press to get personalized apparel anymore. EZ Corporate Clothing specializes in custom shirts, hats, and outerwear, perfect for work apparel, golf tournaments, sports teams, or a fundraiser.

Image Via: EZ Corporate Clothing

Customers use the Custom Printed Apparel Design Lab to create exactly what they are looking for. It's as simple as picking a style, choosing a color, and adding a logo or artwork. They can even upload a custom design for a look that is truly original.

Image Via: EZ Corporate Clothing

5. Woodgeek

The name says it all: A shop run by "geeks with a passion for all things wooden." They sell wooden notebooks, office accessories, sunglasses, and yes, bow-ties.

Image Via: Woodgeek

Formal guests will never have to worry about tying a tie again with this snazzy snap-on accessory. They even allow you to pick from a swatch of fabric styles to customize the tiny strip of fabric on the bow. Talk about attention to detail!

Image Via: Woodgeek

These customizable wooden sunglasses are a great gift for that friend who can never have too many pairs. From a gifting standpoint, you can even add a wooden card to top off your gift. They even have a field where customers can add custom text to the arm of sunglasses. What a great way to add an extra layer of personalization to make customers feel special.

Plus, they'll never get their shades mixed up with someone else's at a party again!

Image Via: Woodgeek

We’ve Got Swatches: Plus other tips for using SC Product Options

6. Kiel James Patrick

Retailer Kiel James Patrick sells clothing and jewelry inspired by the rugged climate of New England with a variety of customization and personalization options.

When customizing a jewelry piece like the pearl bracelet below, customers can pick the size, color, monogram format and message they want, personalizing their product before adding it to the cart.

Imagine the look on a happy gift recipient's face when they see their initials embroidered right on the bracelet they wanted.

Image Via: Kiel James Patrick

SC Product Options makes it easy to let customers pick sizes, colors, and monogram and embroidery options. And customers love the convenience of being able to make everyday purchases gift-able.  


Computer customization is one area where SC Product Options really get to flex their muscles. Computer gamers put a lot of thought into each part and configuration when building a system, so it's important that the user experience is smooth and easy to navigate.

XOTIC PC makes it easy to sort through the many expandable lists of components, adding or subtracting the price in real-time as the user selects and deselects parts. This makes it convenient for users to experiment with many different builds, while keeping within their budget.

Image Via: XOTIC PC

Offering customers in-depth customization with a sliding price range can increase average order value (AOV) as well. When customers are presented with a wide range of price options for individual parts—such as a better video card, or more RAM—they may be inspired to spring for a more expensive build.

8. Rudy Project

Rudy Project sells high-quality bike helmets, sunglasses, and accessories for dedicated cyclists and athletes. They have built a clean and colorful user interface, with just enough options to give shoppers the customization they crave without being overwhelming.

Image Via: rudyproject

Shoppers can select their model type then browse all the colors available. As shown above, the "Regular" model comes in 19 color swatches. If the customer clicks on a different style, such as "Running," conditional logic rules only show the colors available for that model.

Here's a clever way to cross-sell or bundle complementary items. On the Shop menu under Helmets, one of the options offered is a Helmet + Sunglass Combo:

Image Via: rudyproject

Navigating to the combo page opens up an attractive arrangement of swatches. Here the customer can pick and choose a helmet and sunglass combo that goes well together. The swatches allow them to visualize which colors and styles would be a good fit so they can make their purchase with confidence.

Image Via: rudyproject

9. Danish Design Store

Danish Design Store
provides upscale design for online shoppers with an emphasis on style and customizability.

Image Via: Danish Design Store

Their site gives customers an easy-to-use interface for customizing and configuring furniture to their exact preferences. Customers can choose configuration options like which side the chaise lounge is on, as well as the color, material, and grade of each component.

SC Product Options allows merchants to exceed Shopify’s variant limit of 100 variants per product, serving up thousandsof versions of sofas, chairs, and other home furnishings.

10. Wooden Cork

Wooden Cork sells a variety of premium spirits, liqueurs, and aged rarities. Customers looking to send someone a bottle of their favorite aged liquor, wine, or cigars can access a variety of personalization and gifting options.

Image Via: Wooden Cork

Once customers pick the perfect bottle, they are able to add gift wrapping and card, or a greeting card only. They can also add engraving in silver or gold. To not overwhelm the shopper with options they aren’t interested in, conditional logic works to only open up certain options to customers who indicate they’d like to make it a gift or add engraving.

Gift wrap, embroidery, or engraving options are great upsells on gift-able products that can drive up AOV.

7 Ways to upsell smarter with SC Product Options ,

Feeling inspired?

We love showing off the brilliant ways merchants use options to enhance their online shopping experience.

Here's how 22 of Shopify's most successful brands are using SC Product Options to fully personalize their product offering and power sales. Read more.

If you’re already using the SC Product Options app or are on a free trial, hopefully this blog gave you some ideas to try out on your own store. If you’d like to try Product Options for free, you can here.

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