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We've got swatches! Plus other tips for using SC Product Options

SC Product Options lets you add interactive color swatches to your product customization flow, as well as endless other options. Try for free, today.

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One of the most popular features on SC Product Options is the ability to show customers what their selections actually look like when customizing a product.

Whether they are picking sunglasses, candles, or the pattern on a sofa, color swatches let customers personalize their product to match their world and give them complete confidence in their purchase.

Swatches are essential in a world where online product customization has become table stakes for savvy shoppers.

According to studies, 50% of customers said customized products make great gifts, 48% of customers are willing to pay more for customized purchases, and customers are willing to spend as much as 81% more on customized products.

If you have already installed SC Product Options and are looking for ideas and use cases on how leading brands are using the app, keep reading. Also check out 7 ways to upsell smarter using SC Product Options. If you are looking for a link to start your free trial of Product Options click here.

Give customers more control with swatches

Use swatches to create an option type that will display exact colors for customers to pick from, or you can upload your own images to use instead. We also give you complete control over the size and shape of those swatches.

Look how this Danish Design Store uses SC Product Options to give sofa shoppers a wide array of color and fabric options:

Image Via: Danish Design Store

Use swatches to show customers on Shopify exactly what they're getting

Let's say one of your customers is looking to buy a personalized golf shirt for an upcoming trip. With the Product Options app, you can offer a drop down of all the sizes available, then give the option to have text added.

If selected, a drop down will appear for your customer to type in the name they want stitched on.

Using swatches, you can then show an image of all the fonts available for the text, so customers will know exactly what it will look like.

Or let's say that same customer changed their mind and wanted to buy a shirt that matched their friends, and found the perfect short-sleeve style on your store. Show an exact fabric swatch of each color the shirt comes in so your customers know exactly what they're new product looks like.

Image Via: Ball Is Life

Use swatches to update product previews in real-time

Let's say your customer lands on your furniture store and picks out a couch that perfectly fits in their living room, but they want to make sure the color matches the rest of their existing furniture.

Instead of showing a drop-down list of each color the couch comes in, you can display an image of the same couch in each color so they'll know exactly what the end result will look like. Customers will be impressed when the color and fabric of their couch updates in real time before their eyes.

Image Via: Danish Design Store

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars without seeing what their product actually looks like first!

Swatches can increase your average order value (AOV)

Imagine your store sells fabric, and each product listed in your store is a different print you've custom designed.

When a customer makes their print selection, they'll have the option to choose what fabric their design is printed on. You can use swatches to show your customers exactly what that print looks like on each selection!

This option makes it easier to upgrade your customer to the premium option: it's way harder to upsell your design printed on silk for $15 more per yard without actually showing what it looks like.

7 additional features from the Product Options app

  1. Lightning quick load times on your store
  2. Form validation with input types (email, phone, color)
  3. The option to auto-select a value: have pre-set options selected when your customer lands on the product page
  4. Charge a one-time fee: Let’s say you offer a set-up fee for screen printing, you can choose to charge your customers once, or apply it to every item ordered.
  5. Quantity modes: an option can be applied once per product, or once per order.
  6. Use conditional logic tools to only show customers certain options based on what they’ve selected. This is a great way to optimize the purchase flow of your store!
  7. Exceed Shopify’s variant limit per product to give customers the number of options you want for each item without limits.

Product swatch and learn

Swatches will give your customers the confidence they need to complete their purchase, increasing your average order value and improving customer loyalty. If even two or three more couches, dresses, or expensive rugs are sold a year because a customer was able to envision the color and material they wanted, than this app will pay for itself in added revenue.

By the time your customer lands on your product page, you've already gotten their interest. Now factor in the time they've spent customizing their product, and their commitment to completing their purchases is already that much higher!

Add in the ability to see the actual selections they’re choosing, and you might just seal the deal.

Here's how 22 of Shopify's most successful brands are using SC Product Options to fully personalize their product offering and power sales. Read more.

Getting started

If you’re already using the Product Options app or are on a free trial, hopefully this got inspired to start playing around with swatch options. If you’d like to try Product Options for free, you can here.

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