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3 SC Sales Motivator features to help you sell more on Shopify

Try these premium features on your Shopify store to boost average order value and get the most out of your SC Sales Motivator app.

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Many Shopify merchants and brands love using SC Sales Motivator for its easy-to-use purchase motivator bar. 

Customers can spend a little bit extra to unlock incentives like free shipping, a gift with purchase, a discount, or more. 

Anyone can post a banner on their website saying, "Spend $50 to qualify for free shipping,” but with Sales Motivator, customers see a smart motivator bar where the dollar amount is automatically calculated and updated in real-time!

It also displays an announcement bar right on your store. For example, it might tell them how far away they are dollar-wise to free shipping. And each time a customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button they'll see a message telling them how much more they need to spend to reach the


Here’s an example from clothing boutique Pink Lily. 

Image via: Pink Lily 

Inmar Intelligence has found 78% of shoppers are willing to spend extra to get free shipping. 

Sales Motivator is the perfect easy-to-setup tool to offer a “free shipping with a spend threshold” offer.  Here’s a more in-depth guide on How to use free shipping to boost your sales on Shopify.

But today we want to go over three premium features for Sales Motivator that you may not be aware of. Ready to expand your e-commerce knowledge? Let’s jump in. 

Get personalized with geo-targeting

Geo targeting is the method of delivering different content to customers based on their location. One of the simplest examples of this we see almost every time we shop online is a store using our location to calculate shipping costs and times. 

You can use geo targeting in SC Sales Motivator to display motivator messages only to specific countries. This way if you can, say, offer “free shipping over $50” in the U.S., but “free shipping over $100” in a different country. 

Any store looking to offer a free shipping incentive to customers in different countries n. It’s convenient for global customers and can help avoid the headache of accidently offering free shipping to someone who lives somewhere expensive to ship. The last thing you want to do is actually lose money on a free shipping incentive meant to increase AOV. 

Sunglass store goodr uses a sales motivator bar to encourage customers to unlock free shipping. They have strategically set their spend threshold so that customers who buy two pairs of shades unlock this offer. 

Image via: goodr

Since they have geolocated capabilities, they can offer the appropriate offer and pricing to match the customer's location. 

Motivate your customer with free gifting

Free shipping is by far the most popular motivator, but depending on the size and cost to ship a product, it may not work for every store. 

Another great way to use SC Sales Motivator is to offer free gifts as motivation for customers to spend more. 

You don't need any other apps to do it, you simply select the product you'd like to offer, select what dollar amount they need in their cart, and when they reach the goal it auto-adds it to the cart.

You can even create multiple motivators too! For example, spend $100 and get a free hat, Spend $200 and get a free gift. It's the Classic Spend X get X type promotion, and what's great about doing it with this app is the motivator is built in.

Jewelry seller Monica Rich Kosann has used a free gift with purchase offer to give customers who spend over $500 a free jewelry pouch for valentines day. 

Image via: Monica Rich Kosann

Set your sales with scheduling

You may want to offer a free shipping or gift offer that starts and stops at different times, such as during a weekend sale, over a month, or at sporadic times throughout a busy season. SC Sales Motivator’s scheduling feature allows you to set up your sales ahead of time, so you don’t have to manually start and stop each promotion you want to run. 

Save time, stay consistent, and never worry about missing a chance to motivate again!

Want more inspiration? Learn about 5 high-converting Black Friday promotions you can run year round using Sales Motivator.

Feeling motivated? 

If you already use SC Sales Motivator, we hope this blog post inspired you to test out some of these premium features on your store. 

If you’re looking to set up a purchase motivator with just a few clicks, to increase your store’s average order value with a free shipping or gift incentive, we’ve got you covered. 

Shop Circle is the first ever operator of e-commerce tools, offering cutting-edge solutions for Shopify merchants looking to scale.

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