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Level up your customer loyalty program with SC Loyalty Points & Rewards

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards gives you the power to keep up with the best rewards programs out there. It's loaded with features like flexible reward options, a built-in referral program, bonus point time periods, loyalty tiers, email reminders, and more.

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A staggering 65% of company’s revenue comes from repeat business of existing customers.

Having a good loyalty program can make the difference between being able to cash in on all that revenue vs. leaving money on the table.

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards gives you the power to keep up with the best rewards programs out there. It's loaded with features like flexible reward options, a built-in referral program, bonus point time periods, loyalty tiers, email reminders, and more.

Using it you can build a custom loyalty program that lets customers easily earn points, check up on their balance, and redeem points for rewards all in one place. An easy-to-use, expandable widget displays all the info right on the storefront.

For store owners, SC Loyalty Points & Rewards provides a simple way to run promotions, give customers rewards, build a brand community, start a referral program, and say thanks to customers, making them want to come back for more.

As customer loyalty grows, so does your annual revenue.

Set up your customer rewards program in minutes

All you have to do is install SC Loyalty Points & Rewards, select 'Start Setup,' enter your basic program information, set your earning actions and reward costs, then you're done!

The storefront widget is a customer's portal to your loyalty program. Existing program members can easily see their points balance, ways to earn points, and how far they are from their next reward—all in one place!

And if a customer isn’t signed up for your loyalty program, the widget is a perfect way to promote it by highlighting the program's key benefits and any rewards you offer for joining.

The best part? The widget is completely customizable so you can match it to your branding. Check out some examples below.

Create a loyalty program with flexible reward options and custom rewards

Customers are attracted to rewards programs that are highly tailored to their needs.

Research shows “access to deals, discounts or free products are consumers’ top priorities for joining loyalty programs.” As well, “Customers want loyalty programs that are: easy to use (53% of respondents), offer great discounts (39%), and easy to understand (37%).”

Give members the option to earn points not only from buying your products, but also from referring new customers, sharing purchases on Facebook and Twitter, or following you on Instagram.

This gives your brand more exposure, and an opportunity for every customer to earn points in a way that works for them.

And the rewards themselves are flexible as well.

Not only can you offer rewards like a percentage discount, a fixed dollar amount off, or free shipping, but you can also create your own custom rewards.

That’s huge!

It means you can offer free samples, exclusive products, virtual rewards, experiential rewards—pretty much anything you can imagine.

Your Shopify customers can redeem their points right in the checkout

As we mentioned above, SC Loyalty Points & Rewards creates coupon codes customer can redeem for rewards like a percentage discount, a fixed dollar amount off, or free shipping.

With Loyalty Points & Rewards, you can give customers the ability to practically use their points like cash in the checkout. Loyalty program members will be able to convert their points into a dynamic discount code that's automatically worth however many points they redeem.

Increase repeat purchases with campaigns and bonus points

According to Accenture, loyalty program members generate 12-18% more revenue per year than non-members.

Why? If you reward your customers when they make a purchase, you're giving them incentive to come back to your store to put those points toward future transactions.

While most reward program models allow customers to accumulate points through sales, SC Loyalty Points lets you offer point-multiplier events—all you have to do is schedule increased earning rates during a specific time period.

It's also a great way to run a promotion without putting your products on sale! For example, you can run a Black Friday “sale” by offering triple the points for one day only, setting up the promotion to automatically start and stop so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off and on.

You can also award bonus points to customers for their first purchase as a member, when they sign up for your program, or when they share your store to Facebook and Twitter. You can even award them points on their birthday!

Get creative with your loyalty program

When it comes to dreaming up your perfect loyalty program, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. Practically everyone has some kind of loyalty program these days. Avoid giving customers “loyalty fatigue” with a program that brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Real Good Foods have created a loyalty program that makes members feel like an owner, serving up valuable perks for shareholders only.

Image Via: Real Good Foods

Rather than just earning points, they invite you to be part of their company and take advantage of exclusive member rewards like Visa gift cards, free merch, and monthly food packs. Truly a fresh approach to member rewards!

Image Via: Real Good Foods

Set up a loyalty program for FREE

SC Loyalty Points & Rewards has everything you need to create a membership program that will grow customer loyalty and boost revenue.

On top of all the features listed above, the app is also mobile-friendly, can send automated marketing emails, offer retroactive points and transaction logs, and has an automatic import process if you already have an existing rewards program want to take to the next level.

If you have already downloaded the app, we hope this guide helped you getting started setting up your loyalty program. If you want to try a 14-day free trial, you can here.

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