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Customizable Reports for Order Management on Shopify: SC Order Tags & Flows x Report Toaster

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Shopify merchants have access to a wealth of data that can help them run their business more efficiently. However, sifting through all this information can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

That's where high-level customizable reports come in.

These reports provide a comprehensive view of Shopify orders, customers, sales, and more, so that merchants can identify patterns and trends. This article will explain how to create superior analytical reports for order management on Shopify. We'll also share some tips on how to get the most out of these powerful tools for those ready to take their business to the next level.

Tags: The What and The Why

Order tags are labels that you can create and apply to orders in Shopify. They're used to help organize orders and track different statuses. For example, they can indicate whether an order has been shipped, is being processed, or needs attention.

Merchants can create and manage their order tags in the ‘Tags’ section of the ‘Orders’ page in Shopify. It is possible to add new ones, rename or delete existing ones, and even change their colors. Merchants can also apply a tag to an order by clicking it on the ‘Orders’ page or in the shipping confirmation email sent to customers. Once it is applied to an order, all of the associated information is added to that tag.

They are also a useful tool in marketing and creating a better customer experience. For example, installing order tags for delayed orders means that merchants can communicate to those customers and update them about their order status. 97% of customers expect to have the ability to monitor their orders throughout the shipping process, so businesses clearly need better customer communication for success.

SC Order Tags & Flows + Report Toaster: Getting Started

The SC Order Tags & Flows app for Shopify merchants helps create automated tags for managing Shopify orders. It also has the ability to trigger automated workflows, saving merchants many hours of manual tagging.

In contrast to setting up workflows, the Report Toaster app is all about analyzing Shopify sales data. When you need to find out what’s going on with your online shop, Report Toaster has all of the tools that will help. With 80+ pre-built report templates for different needs and thousands of customizable options there is no limit when it comes down analyzing data from Shopify stores! With this app, merchants can create custom reports based on filters, segments and sorting mechanisms.

By combining the two apps, merchants can now make highly customized reports based on auto tags set up for different kinds of orders to get deep insights into order management. To benefit from this partnership, merchants need to understand how to use the apps together to increase their analytical capabilities. Luckily, we have just the solution. Read more to find out.

SC Order Tags & Flows: Jenga With Auto Tags

SC Order Tags & Flows allows merchants to create an unlimited number of workflows to add different tags. These can be based on their stores line items, delivery date, zip code, order attributes, inventory levels, existing tags, and much more. Each automated workflow consists of an important component. Here’s a list of the components, and how to automatically tag orders in Shopify:

  • Trigger - This is the trigger action that will kick off the workflow. For example, if the word “delay” is added to see when orders are delayed, it will inform if anything with an update has been posted since last time. This gives much more insight into the customer's needs.
  • Criteria - Would you like to know which order meets combined criteria? For example, when your orders are delayed but have been paid for? Well, now with the help of Order Tags & Flows, it’s possible. This app lets users combine AND/OR operators based on certain criteria—in this case, creating tags that identify those who are still waiting for the delivery of their order which is paid for.
  • Add/Remove - By using tags, any number of items can be added or deleted. They use dynamic data to combine order and static text values like "loc" for location which helps merchants sort their orders based on where they are going to be delivered.
  • Scheduled Removal/Deletion – Merchants have the option to set an expiry date on tags after a certain period of time. For example, discounted orders for the holiday season have an expiration date specified in their settings on Shopify.

Report Toaster: Analyze The Building Blocks

When you need to find out what's going on with your online shop, Report Toaster has all the tools that will help. With 80+ pre-built report templates for different needs and thousands of customizable options, there is no limit when it comes down to analyzing data from Shopify stores!

SC Order Tags & Flows + Report Toaster: Creating The Perfect Puzzle

The real magic happens when Shopify merchants combine these two apps. You can save hours of time and manual work that you would have spent analyzing sales data; now a single click can generate all these reports. Here is an overview of the reporting capabilities this app has to offer:

  • Order List Filter – The order list in the Shopify admin can be filtered to show orders with a specific tag. Report Toaster enhances this basic ability in Shopify by further expanding the filtering options. These additional filters include the operators “one of”, “not one of”, and “contains”. Merchants can also manage all their workflows from within the Report Toaster App.
  • Report Filters – The same tags available for filtering the order list, are also available for Shopify reports using Report Toaster. These include Shopify sales reports, profit, fulfilment, financial, transaction, and marketing reports.
  • Summarizing by Tags – Another capability that Report Toaster offers, is not only filtering reports within Shopify by tags, but to summarize data by tags. This capability allows merchants to summarize sales, profits and other metrics by tags.

Tag Like a Pro

SC Order Tags & Flows and Report Toaster apps are a powerful combination for creating customized and automatic workflows for the orders placed on merchants' stores. With these apps, merchants can quickly and easily create detailed reports on order data using tag management without tech expertise. Using this simple guide, Shopify merchants can save hours of manual work whilst acquiring the ability to analyze order management activities instantly. Using the SC Order Tags & Flows and Report Toaster apps will save time and hassle in the day-to-day operations of Shopify merchants. Keep your eyes posted for more information on what this partnership brings!

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