SC Easy Redirects

SC Easy Redirects: Power your online visibility with Live Redirects

Optimize your Shopify store's user experience with SC Easy Redirects' Live Redirects, ensuring smooth navigation and improved SEO.

New features and updates spark excitement in the digital world, don't they? It marks the evolution of tech-based solutions that cater to the ever-challenging demands of users while promising improved usability, efficiency, or convenience. So, here we are, thrilled to announce a powerhouse feature in our SC Easy Redirects app for Shopify—the all-new Live Redirect functionality!

Why smooth navigation is key for Shopify stores?

  • The need for seamless navigation: In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, seamless site navigation and user redirects are essential for Shopify store owners.
  • Beyond 404 errors: Our SC Easy Redirects app has been adept at handling 404 errors by redirecting users to active pages. However, we've identified a need for greater flexibility in redirection, including from live pages to other active pages.

Explore the Live Redirects feature

  • What are Live Redirects? A novel function in Shopify apps that allows for URL redirection not just from error pages but also from any active page.
  • Complete URL Control: Redirects can be set up within your website or to external sites, offering complete control over your URL structure.
  • Migration Tool: This feature is also perfect for those looking to move their Shopify store to a new domain or website.
  • Efficiency: Bulk upload all your live redirects with just one click using a CSV file.

Use Cases

Consider two scenarios: You're celebrating the launch of a new fashion line in your store, and you want all traffic to be directed there regardless of the initial landing page. Or, you're migrating to a snappier URL and want your customers to automatically land on the new one rather than the outdated one. In both cases, the Live Redirects feature is your ultimate wingman!

Benefits of the Live Redirects feature

  • SEO Enhancement: Redirecting multiple pages to a single webpage can improve SEO by accumulating clicks and increasing page visibility.
  • Simplified Site Migration: Changing domains or moving to a new Shopify site is made easy.

Exclusive access for Pro+ users

The Live Redirects functionality is available exclusively to Pro+ merchants to provide an added advantage to our premium users.


The all-new Live Redirects feature is all about giving our valued users greater control, enhanced SEO, and a seamless navigation experience. Your Shopify store navigation issues are a thing of the past with our latest update!

So, why wait? Get onboard with SC Easy Redirects and capitalize on the benefits of this game-changing feature today!

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