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Shop Circle’s new consultancy service elevates the tech stack and accelerates growth

Shop Circle delivers a free tech stack consultancy to serve a fully customized, future-proof Shopify tech stack and accelerate online growth.

3 Minutes, 28 Seconds

With changing tides across the world of e-commerce, merchants and brands are looking to their teck stacks to drive performance more than ever before. For Shopify stores considering a staggering number of more than 8,000 apps in the space, identifying where to trim or optimize can be a daunting, time consuming task. 

There’s got to be a better way! 

Working with merchants, brands, and innovators to accelerate and scale online growth sustainably is core to Shop Circle’s mission—which is why we are announcing a free technology consultancy service. 

With more than 30 high-performance Shopify apps in our expanding tech suite, we understand what can benefit merchants and brands who want to get the most out of their tech stack and better manage the many sectors of their online stores they’d like to see optimized.

Inside the importance of building a solid tech stack

Shop Circle’s Shopify solution experts will provide guidance on all aspects of your store’s technical foundation – from referral and loyalty programs, to email marketing platforms, digital product, and automation tools. 

“Our expertise can assist merchants and brands in unburdening them by helping to cutting through the noise and find the right solution for their stores.”
– Irina Lanina, Shopify partner lead and solution manager, Shop Circle.

“We know how overwhelming those thousands of Shopify apps can be for e-commerce stores, whether they’re early-stage startups or legacy brands, and we have the knowledge to help entrepreneurs and developers tackle specific problems they’re facing,” adds Lanina.

A 2021 survey backs up her point on the value of understanding the value of honing an online brand’s tech stack. A report from Accenture found that 77% of surveyed executives said that technology architecture is very critical or critical  to the overall success of  their organization. 

By leveraging the expertise of Shop Circle’s Shopify specialists, merchants and brands will take away:

  • Actionable steps to address pain points by taking advantage of the tech stack.
  • Specific areas for growth and optimization to deliver the fastest impact.
  • Essential and customized Shopify functions and tools to help merchants generate the highest ROI.

Note that interested merchants and brands don’t need to be Shop Circle customers to take part in this consultancy service. Additionally, the consultancy team will only ever recommend tools and partners we have worked with in the past, and have delivered proven, outstanding results.

What a Shop Circle tech stack review looks like

How does the process work? Jason Situ, onboarding specialist at Shop Circle, explains the relationship begins with a comprehensive call to inquire about the merchant or brand’s most pressing needs, the level of their current tech stack, and the functionality they would like to see added to their store’s backbone. 

“We then review their front-end, peek into their back end, and ask questions so we can recommend app solutions that will be the most impactful to their brand, whether that’s from our suite of apps or from somewhere else,” Situ adds. 

After the tools are suggested to merchants, Shop Circle’s Shopify experts will also offer a follow up with a call to assist developers with guidance on implementing new tools and features, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach. In addition, once the apps are working within the tech stack, Shop Circle will set up another call to determine how effective those solutions became for the merchant or brand.

Both Situ and Lanina assure merchants their information shared with Shop Circle is both confidential and secure.

Leading Shopify brands optimize and unleash the tech stack

Shop Circle’s Shopify tech stack consultancy has helped ignite digital growth for established e-commerce brands across the fastest growing verticals and categories.

Situ cites the example of a merchant Shop Circle recently advised on how to invigorate their tech stack. This fashion e-commerce brand sought to generate more sales, so after careful and in-depth evaluation of their technology ecosystem, Situ recommended the brand harness a referral program, and specifically suggested the Conjured Referrals app. 

Pointing to one more client example, Situ says a newer brand, also in the fashion space, was looking for an app to better filter their growing email list. “We told them about how the software solution Klaviyo would help her engage with her clients through her newsletter,” he says, referring to a Shopify app designed to help customers efficiently manage their email lists.

High-performance brands taking advantage of an optimized tech stack include fashion retailer Pink Lily, kidswear brand Freshly Picked, and health food manufacturer The Skinny Food Co.

The Shop Circle tech stack review process has proven to not only deliver on, but exceed best Shopify expectations. The team will help you to build the optimal architecture for your e-commerce site with a fully custom toolbox to power conversion, and unlock limitless growth.  

Need some advice on your Shopify tech stack?

Connect with a Shopify solution expert for a free review and consultation on your Shopify stack and tips to improve store functionality, boost conversion, and sell more.

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