Sky Pilot
Digital Commerce

The #1 tool for restricting access to digital content

The Sky Pilot app lets digital product sellers restrict access based on business logic, reducing risk of fraud, piracy, and unauthorized sharing.

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A new era of digital products has arrived with 83% of surveyed consumers agreeing on an increased expectation and demand for digital offerings. With enormous opportunity however, so too comes risk. 

This surge towards digital goods and increase of e-commerce merchants, brands and creators delivering them, has inevitably resulted in an increase in fraud and unauthorized sharing and piracy. ‍Merchants, brands, and creators delivering to the digital product market are now challenged with how to protect digital products, and in turn, revenue. 

The re-upload conundrum

A significant challenge for preventing the spread of unauthorized digital product sharing is how easy it is for a customer to download files, and re-upload and send through transfer services such as Google Drive or DropBox. While there is currently not a direct solution for the re-upload conundrum, there are several approaches you can take to prevent unauthorized access to your digital products. 

Watermarking vs. passwords and license keys

Watermarking is the practice of adding a transparent overlay to the content with the aim of making it difficult to use without attribution. The problem with this method is that watermarks can be easily removed with the right software, rendering the protection useless. 

Passwords can be added to digital files, but ultimately, can easily be shared across networks, perhaps stalling, but not putting a stop to unauthorized digital sharing. 

License keys, on the other hand, are unique codes that are required to access the content. Still, license keys can be easily shared, and software hacked. Further, the process of distributing and managing license keys can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Get restrictive and protect digital products with Sky Pilot

Restricting access to digital content through an account, however, offers the most secure solution. Shop Circle’s Sky Pilot allows sellers of digital products to require customers to log in right within accounts on your Shopify store in order to view their purchased digital content.

Sky Pilot also allows merchants and brands to set thresholds for days of content availability and number of file downloads. Merchants and brands with digital product offerings can also restrict access by IP address, or a range of addresses—an approach particularly helpful for those looking to limit digital product access to specific locations or regions. The app’s Abuse Alerts feature will alert store owners of breaches. 


Understandably for any Shopify merchant or brand with digital products in its offering file sharing is a front-of-mind concern. Taking steps to restrict your digital continent is the most secure, efficient, and seamless approach to ensuring your digital products are in the right (customer) hands. 

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