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Video has become a vital part of the entire sales process. Flawless execution is a non-negotiable.

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The pandemic underscored the significance of e-commerce, with digital sales soaring by 31.7% to $760 billion in 2020 in the United States. Part of the juice fueling this increase was an uptick in online video watching. According to Hubspot, individuals have spent twice as much time watching videos since 2018. The segue into video marketing is a natural, with 92% of online marketers agreeing it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Video shopping is the latest trend to engage potential customers in unique and innovative ways. Shoppable content empowers brands to create a seamless customer journey and drive sales like never before.

Shoppable videos make sense from the buyer’s perspective, too. It saves time and offers a personalized experience with which individuals can connect. Individuals also use video reviews to help with comparison shopping. The convenience effect provided by this efficient tool delivers higher click-through rates. It contributes to the increase of direct purchasing desire that a customer experiences after interacting with the product.

It’s well known that personalized content adds a distinctive note to the brand’s first impression and helps prospects gain more trust. Hence, brands tap into the potential of video reviews to help generate authentic credibility in front of their customers. They’ve become invaluable social proof for those making a purchase decision, ultimately increasing their confidence .

TLDR: Video has become vital part of the entire sales process.

4 fast tips for flawless video player execution

  1. Your video players have to be responsive so that you can play the videos faster, decreasing lag time. 
  2. Use the best quality audio possible so that viewers can hear your message. What's relevant to keep in mind is that mobile devices can make the audio a challenge to listen to when played at a higher volume.
  3. The length of your video has to be short and clear because of the short attention span. Scrolling on mobile, people tend to move on after a couple of seconds, and your video risks getting lost in the crowd. If you intend to showcase an educational video about your products, it's fair enough to make your videos a bit longer, but make sure to design them in a captivating way.
  4. Also, what's necessary to consider is the format of your text messaging. A mobile screen doesn't provide viewers the same experience as a monitor or TV screen. Reading becomes more challenging, so to make your video mobile-friendly, use large text on the essential information so that viewers can understand the message.

Increasing conversion rates 

Ultimately, the goal is to increase conversion rates by curbing cart abandonment. That means engaging potential customers and earning their trust. As such, 64% of buyers expect brands to connect with them on a deeper level. As the wish for connections grows stronger, brands are focusing on building authentic relationships with their customers in the long run. As a result, research reveals that 57% of customers increase their brand’s purchases when they form a stronger connection.

Bear in mind that companies must make that unique first impression quickly. If your site takes longer than 6 seconds to load, the chances are half of the online visitors will go elsewhere.

That’s one reason that makes YouTube and TikTok videos so appealing. They engage a consumer base with different tactics, such as influencer marketing, advertising, and organic viral content.

Currently, 47% of shoppers look to influencers for gift ideas, inspiration, and reviews in the social media ecosystem. However, it isn’t just about uploading a series of videos and expecting to drive sales automatically. The whole process implies legitimate steps you can take to understand your visitors’ expectations.

The right stuff in the right place 

Think about the earlier days of the Internet. Who can forget the annoying auto-playing music, dancing GIFs, or obtrusive pop-up ads? While they indeed succeeded in getting a visitor’s attention, they also created a negative online experience. One that will not be so easily forgotten. According to Google, these negative incidents will drive away 62 percent of a business’s online sales.

The other considerations involve the content. Researchers looked into the effects of visual complexity and user expectations to determine their impact on the first impressions of a website. It’s worth noting visitors are making these assessments in milliseconds. They found that the most appealing sites were not overly complex. The essential rule to building an effective website is embracing simplicity and practicing responsive design. They also matched the assumptions that users thought they would see.

Remember that 38.4% of digital shoppers are under 35.

What kind of video and where it appears on a Shopify store is an essential question to have in mind.

Every page of your website must have a purpose. For instance, the homepage has the purpose of making a good impression and cultivating that business-consumer relationship. It represents the foundation of the sales funnel, where a website creates brand awareness and connects visitors to the brand’s mission.

One thing to keep in mind is maintaining the user’s flow consistent throughout his shopping journey. It would be best to find the proper spotlight where your shoppable videos can significantly impact your customers' purchase decisions.

An excellent place to put a video is on the product’s page. Showing the products in action using video testimonials from people whose opinions are genuine can profoundly impact buying decisions. Usually, people are more drawn to trusting other people like them than branded content.

In this regard, 81% of individuals trust others they relate the most to over business advice. That’s another reason video reviews are so compelling and work as an excellent option on a customer testimonial page.That’s another reason that video reviews are so compelling. That makes putting them on a customer testimonial page an excellent option. Online shoppers are more likely to trust in realistic UCG videos coming from genuine people.

Videos for optimal appeal

The most significant takeaway from the changing e-commerce landscape is to deliver the appropriate content that can meet buyers’ expectations. The other vital factor to bear in mind is the role of mobile online shopping, or m-commerce.

According to Business Insider, mCommerce accounted for 38.5 percent of total e-commerce sales of nearly $360 billion. Experts forecast that it will nearly double by 2025 to over $728 billion with a 40.2 percent piece of the e-commerce pie. 

When it comes to creating mobile-friendly videos, make sure of the following aspects:

Smart video placement 

Shopify makes it easy for sellers to add videos to their online stores, and coding expertise isn’t necessarily needed. But we must keep in mind that the consumer experience is all that matters. To succeed, videos must:

  • Be visually appealing
  • Fulfill a potential buyer’s need
  • Be mobile-friendly
  • Offer a personalized experience
  • Be available where an online shopper expects to find it.

Videos must also toe the line between providing information without turning off users. 

Background videos are an excellent way to manage this balance, particularly if they have no sound. The header is an ideal location since it won’t interfere with the content while still presenting a branding message.

A video gallery on a product's page is essentially effective for connecting with online shoppers, especially for more complex functionality products. A good gallery should include educational videos, How-To videos, testimonials, and product videos. These can benefit the business to drive engagement and build trust by anticipating the buyers’ concerns.

Online sellers must also consider customization options for their videos. That includes choices for full-screen playback, captions, and sound. These features can lead potential buyers further down the sales funnel and transform decisions to action. 

According to the latest data, the average e-commerce conversion rate is only 1.53%.

The best way to boost conversion optimization and increase sales is by integrating shoppable video in your eCommerce landscape. 

So, earning people’s trust and removing friction from your customers’ journey is of the utmost importance for building long-lasting relationships and driving sales.

Place your videos now…in seconds

There’s no wonder that there is a lot of noise on the Internet and in the eCommerce ecosystem.

Video shopping offers excellent opportunities to stand out from the crowd.Video marketing offers an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Apps like VideoWise and Video Background make things happen quicker and more effectively with shoppable videos embedded in the Shopify store to engage potential buyers and drive conversion.  

It’s not enough for a brand to have an online presence; it must also connect with its customers' base using engaging content like videos. 

Having an online presence is only one side of the social shopping coin. Moving past social media platforms and integrating shoppable content on the website’s homepage and product pages can help brands break through the noise and offer an engaging experience to the customers, taking them to the point of purchasing.

Get started now. VideoWise and Video Background both offer free trials on Shopify.

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