Driving purpose through referral marketing: Use Case of Bearbottom

How Bearbottom, a purpose-driven men’s clothing company is driving a powerful referral marketing program and giving back to the communities in which their products are made.

Referral marketing

Introducing Bearbottom, a men’s clothing company that sells comfortable, quality apparel while at the same time giving food and clothing back to communities where the clothing is made. We love a brand with a mission, and Bearbottom is no exception. 

In their own words: Bearbottom Clothing is a rapidly growing, e-commerce men’s fashion brand on a mission to become the go-to for the most versatile, comfortable, and wearable everyday clothing. 

The team at Bearbottom has spent years perfecting their fabrics and fits, so you can trust you’re getting nothing but the best shorts, swim trunks, and tees. With over 15,000 five-star reviews, their everyday go-to’s have gained a cult-like following of guys looking for premium quality clothing without the premium price. 

When you buy from Bearbottom you’re also helping make a difference. Founded on a buy-one-give-one model, their giving back initiatives provide food and clothing to the communities that have helped build the brand.

Bearbottom kept their referral program simple, with a “Give $10, Get $10” offer. It may seem counter-intuitive, but simple offers like this often perform far better than more complicated points and reward systems, so it’s no wonder that Bearbottom is seeing great success from their campaign. 

The other thing Bearbottom is doing well is publicizing their referral program. 

We strongly recommend including a link to your referral program in your header navigation, with a compelling value proposition. The more attention you draw to your referral program, the more likely your customers are to share. 

Bearbottom provides a stellar example of this by including a prominent navigation link stating boldly “Give $10 Get $10”. This is exactly the type of promotion that drives the most successful referral programs. We asked the team at Bearbottom what prompted them to launch a referral program with SC Conjured Referrals

Bearbottom launched our referrals program as a response to customer feedback. Our customers were sharing our brand with friends already, but were repeatedly asking about a referral program. It’s clear that Bearbottom listens to and cares about its customers. And notably, it cares about the communities who produce their clothing too. 

Bearbottom’s origin story is worth sharing here - we wish all brands were so thoughtfully founded. 

The Bearbottom story

The inspiration for Bearbottom Clothing came in 2012 when Robert Felder, a high school student at the time, visited Bangladesh. There, Robert saw first-hand the need for quality jobs and necessities like clothing. 

Growing up in Florida, adventure-ready clothing was essential to Robert. Unable to find clothes with the features and comfort he needed, he decided to create them on his own. 

Robert realized this was his opportunity to help the people of Bangladesh, one of the largest apparel manufacturing countries in the world. This gave him the chance to provide jobs and donate clothing through a buy-one-give-one model. 

After over a year of development, Bearbottom Clothing launched in January 2014. Since then, they have expanded our team and mission to make the most comfortable and versatile menswear around. As part of Bearbottom’s growing mission, and buy-one-give-one model, they also proudly donate a school meal to a child in India for every item sold.

We’re thrilled to be helping a company like Bearbottom spread the word through referrals. Here’s to their continued success in their mission! 

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