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Celebrating 10 years of Sky Pilot with powerful innovation for digital downloads

Sky Pilot celebrates ten years of leading digital download distribution on Shopify with powerful new features.

3 Minutes, 4 Seconds

In the fast-paced digital world with e-commerce trends evolving and surging at record speeds, it's truly remarkable for a company to not only survive but thrive for a decade. 

Shop Circle is excited to celebrate a remarkable ten-year journey of innovation and success with Sky Pilot—the most powerful digital downloads and streaming tool in the Shopify space. 

When Sky Pilot first emerged on the scene a decade ago, the concept of digital downloads and streaming was still in its infancy. The app was launched with the ambitious goal of revolutionising the way people accessed and consumed digital content, providing a seamless platform for both creators and shoppers. 

Little did the world of Shopify know that a challenge that popped up on the slopes of Whistler, Canada would end up creating a Shopify trailblazer and shape the landscape of digital content distribution.

The origin of Sky Pilot: A vision that soars

When Andrew Narkewicz built and founded Sky Pilot, his goal was simple: Let Shopify stores give customers access to digital content. 

When a friend running a video-heavy site of snowboard tricks and highlights approached Narkewicz, they decided a Shopify store would be ideal, but it wasn’t simple to find a way to let visitors access their tutorials after purchasing them.

“Once I was aware of the problem, I couldn’t let it go,” he says. “I stayed up super late trying to solve it. Eventually I did it for my friend, and out of that came Sky Pilot. From there I just kept it going.”

After months of dedicated work, Sky Pilot was born. With its sleek interface, powerful features, and intuitive user experience, the app immediately caught the attention of creators looking for an efficient and user-friendly platform. Narkewicz's relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction quickly earned the tool a loyal user base.

Sky Pilot has become a go-to solution for selling and delivering digital files like music, videos, books, and courses

It offers:

  • Immediate content downloads.
  • Personalized delivery experience.
  • Content hosting right within your store. 
  • Robust security measures. 
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support.

Now a member of Shop Circle’s full suite of intuitive Shopify apps, Sky Pilot has soared in popularity, attracting major brands, celebrity websites, and powerhouse film and production studios.

2023 and Sky Pilot innovation 

Understanding the importance of constant improvement in order to stay ahead of the curve, the Sky Pilot team has continued to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of Shopify creators, merchants, and brands. 

In 2023 alone, the Sky Pilot team has introduced: 

Live streaming integrations
Subscription capabilities
EPUB formatting
Email marketing integrations
Enhanced security measures  

The reviews are in

With a stellar rating of 4.9 and a reputation for excellence, Sky Pilot users have continued to laud the app’s benefits, whether they run a store allowing downloads of e-books or one with dozens of videos for customers to choose from, says Camilla Giovannini, product manager at Shop Circle. 

“Sky Pilot has been enjoying steady growth since we acquired it, and it’s now the most comprehensive app for streaming and digital downloads in the Shopify app store”, adds Giovannini. 

With its user-friendly interface, robust security, quick, expert customer support and seamless integration with other platforms, Sky Pilot continues to lead the way as the preferred software solution in digital downloads.

The future is bright for digital downloads with Sky Pilot

As Sky Pilot enters its second decade, the future is brimming with exciting possibilities and the opportunities for Sky Pilot to continue to build and capitalize on are endless. In short, we’re just getting started. 

By staying true to our Shop Circle core values of user-centricity and innovation, there's no doubt Sky Pilot will continue to lead the way in digital downloads and streaming, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

A thank-you to Sky Pilot store owners

An enormous thank-you to all of the content creators, merchants, and brands for joining us on this journey. We’re excited to keep building and delivering on a new era of digital downloads.  

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