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Shop Circle's SC Order Tags & Flows and SC Customer Tagging: Now both in 18 languages

Shop Circle's Shopify tagging apps now in 18 languages: Enhance order management and customer engagement.

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Embracing a global mindset, we're thrilled to announce that our popular Shopify apps, SC Order Tags & Flows (an automatic order tagger) and SC Customer Tagging (an automatic tagger for customers), are now available in 18 languages! This significant step showcases our commitment to offering an inclusive experience for our global user base. 

Let’s explore the features, benefits, and integrations of these apps—along with some tips on how to automatically tag orders in Shopify, and strategies to help you get the most out of them in your store.

Getting to know SC Order Tags & Flows

Dive into the world of efficient order management with SC Order Tags & Flows. The feature-rich app not only streamlines your order process on Shopify through automatic order tagging but also categorizes them meticulously based on custom rules. By doing so, it ensures a seamless and organized tracking system, thus cutting down on manual oversight.

Pair it with your favorite automated workflow tools such as Zapier or Shopify to masterfully execute intricate automation workflows that get set into motion by specific order tags, refining your operations and taking customer satisfaction up a notch. 

Efficiently tag, track, and integrate with SC Order Tags & Flows

Automatic order tagging 

SC Order Tags & Flows is an ideal solution if you're wondering how to automatically tag orders in Shopify. It allows you to define rules that tag orders based on various criteria like product type, order value, and customer location. This feature refines order categorization and provides valuable insights into your operations.

Enhanced order tracking 

With SC Order Tags & Flows, you can use order tags to filter and search for orders. This feature optimizes order tracking systems, saving you time and ensuring accurate order processing.

Integration with Shopify Flow

The SC Order Tags & Flows app integrates seamlessly with Shopify Flow. It enables you to build complex automation workflows, triggering actions like sending notifications, updating inventory, or applying discounts based on specific order tags.

Get started with SC Order Tags & Flows

Harnessing SC Order Tags & Flows for streamlined fulfillment and personalized outreach 

Automating order fulfillment 

SC Order Tags & Flows is an exceptional app for introducing automation into your Shopify store's order fulfillment process. With this app, you can create rules for tagging orders that require unique handling measures, such as swift shipping methods or customized packaging solutions. 

This approach streamlines the fulfillment process, reducing the potential for errors and improving operational efficiency. Most importantly, it enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring each order is handled accurately and delivered promptly.

Personalized customer communication 

In an era where personalization is key to customer engagement, the role of SC Order Tags & Flows and SC Customer Tagging in facilitating personalized communication cannot be overstated. By using these apps to tag orders and customers based on individual preferences or buying history, you can customize your marketing efforts more effectively. 

Sending targeted emails or special offers to customers who have shown repeat purchase behavior or fall into specific tag categories can lead to stronger customer relationships, increased engagement, and improved conversion rates. It's a powerful strategy to drive your Shopify store's overall performance and profitability.

Deep dive into customer preferences with SC Customer Tagging

Unlock a deeper understanding of your audience with SC Customer Tagging. This intuitive app offers comprehensive insights by marking detailed annotations on parameters such as purchase history, geolocation, or total order value. 

Beyond just data, it's a gateway to custom-tailored marketing strategies. With the power of precise customer segmentation, sending targeted emails and crafting perfect product recommendations becomes a walk in the park.

With SC Customer Tagging, dive deeper into your audience and elevate your email marketing strategies

Customer segmentation 

With SC Customer Tagging, you can tag customers in Shopify based on parameters like purchase history, location, and order value. Additionally, B2B customers can also be tagged through business emails. This segmentation helps you better understand your customer base and enables targeted marketing campaigns.

Email marketing integration 

This Shopify email app integrates smoothly with popular email marketing platforms. It allows you to create personalized email campaigns for Shopify based on customer tags, delivering relevant content, promotions, and recommendations to different audience segments.

Get started with SC Customer Tagging

From tailored campaigns to loyalty boosts with tags

Tailored marketing campaigns 

By tagging customers with specific interests or preferences, you can create more focused Shopify email marketing campaigns. These promote relevant products or offer exclusive discounts, enhancing customer engagement and improving conversion rates.

Customer loyalty programs 

By assigning tags to frequent shoppers or loyalty program members, you can provide exclusive perks and rewards. This strategy fosters customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Experience our SC tagger apps each in 18 languages and connect with your customers globally

Exciting times are ahead! Our SC Order Tags & Flows, and SC Customer Tagging now come in 18 different languages, ranging from French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, and more. We're dedicated to ensuring that users globally can interact seamlessly with our apps. It's all about enhancing your experience and ensuring clear communication, no matter where you are.

Maximize your Shopify potential with innovative apps and multilingual support

E-commerce is a wild, bustling frontier. Standing out requires more than just being present; it's about mastering the details. With SC Order Tags & Flows, coupled with SC Customer Tagging, you're not just managing – you're elevating. From pinpoint order tagging to orchestrating personalized marketing symphonies, these apps are your backstage crew working tirelessly to enhance every aspect of your operations and customer relationships.

With a palette of 18 languages at your disposal, we're flinging open the doors to a global stage. It's your moment, and businesses across the world are invited to shine.

Take the next step! Step into the realm of SC Order Tags & Flows and SC Customer Tagging. Supercharge your Shopify store operations, curate immersive customer journeys, and rocket your business towards unparalleled growth.

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