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Hey there, this is Jason from Shop Circle. Today in this video we'll be going over bold product options and the two different plans that we have available, overview of the features so that you can choose which plan would be best suited for your store. All right, let's get started. I'm in my store here and we're going to head over to Account Plans. As you can see, we have two different plans here, the Basic 19.99 and the Premium 49.99 a month plan. Now, most of the product options that you need are available on the Basic Plan. However, there are four distinct features that come with the Premium that might be of interest for you, depending on what type of products that you're going to be selling and the customizations that you need. We'll be going over each of them together and you can have an idea of which plan that you need by the end of the video here. All right?

So, the first one being, adjustable prices. What that means is that if you have a product and, depending on the customizations that you have for it and you want to charge extra for certain customizations, that's where adjustable prices come into play and it will add on the extra cost to your product there. To give you an example of how that looks, I have my store here. We are going into a customizable product, and so let's take this Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey as an example of adjustable prices. As you can see, this jersey is $400. However, I have a option here for my customers where they can choose to add lifetime warranty for the jersey at an extra cost of $99. So, if they choose to opt in, the app will charge an extra 99. Otherwise, the customer can choose no and just pay the $400 for the jersey. That is one example of adjustable prices there.

Others could be building out, charging extra for components, different type of premiums that you have for your products, and et cetera. Moving on, we're going to talk about conditional logic next. Conditional logic is showing your customers certain product option sets depending on what they choose when building out a product on your store. An example of this, let's head over to this address plaque here. As you can see, there's tons of options for this address plaque and conditional logic can start at the beginning for this product here. If I were to choose Metal Coated HDU, I'm presented with these option sets here. While I choose Cast Metal, you can see I have a completely different set of options available for that. Essentially, depending on which options the customer goes with, the app will display different sets of product options for the customer to go with.

If you do need something like this for your store, then the Premium Plan would be of interest for you because the conditional logic is there for you as a Premium feature. All right, and moving on. Edit options in cart, that's another Premium feature so if you want the ability to allow for your customers to make changes in their cart, then definitely the Premium Plan would be something you want to consider. To demo it here, we're in my store again and, as you can see, I have this custom balloon here. If I'm a customer and I change my mind last minute, instead of starting over again I can hit Edit Items and update my customizations on the cart here on the fly and go to the checkout there with the new customizations. Once again, if this is a feature that you think would be a good quality of life for your customers, then definitely the Premium Plan would be a good one to go with.

And lastly, we have image and color swatches. Now, this option is a Premium feature as well. An example of that, I will show you with the address plaque product again. Swatches is essentially a image to go with the customizations so your customers know or have an idea of what they're choosing, as there is a picture to go along with it. As you can see here, I have a few swatches set up. The first one being here for the address plaque is the finish type that the customers can choose from. You can see here there's brass, bronze, copper, and the corresponding image associated with that there. As well as down here, under Hardware Cast, I have wall mounts, hollow wall mounts, wood mounts, and each of these mounts here have a corresponding picture with it so the customers can choose which one that they want to go with there. So, anytime you want to include an image or a color with the option set, the swatches is what you want to go with.

And that's about it. Other than that, with the Basic Plan, you have your standard options, you have the feature to bypass Shopify's 100 variant limits, with the unlimited options there, and file upload is also in there too if you want to give your customers an option to upload perhaps an image for embroidery or something like that would be an example of a file upload there. Okay, so hope this video helps and I'll see you in the next one. Take care.

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