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6 ways to grow your digital downloads sales with WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp is a perfect fit as a distribution channel for your digital downloads

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If you are in the business of selling digital products, WhatsApp offers several features you can take advantage of to drive sales. WhatsApp marketing is now becoming the preferred choice of businesses worldwide to reach new customers and retain existing ones. 

With more than 1.2 billion active users every month, WhatsApp is where your customers are most likely to be at. Also, WhatsApp boasts an open rate of 90% or more, which makes it vastly superior to the likes of email, SMS, etc. Additionally, WhatsApp enables you to chat with prospective customers after the initial outreach which has been shown to increase conversion rates by 112.6%.

Whether it is the popularity of the app worldwide, or its relative cost-efficiency compared to traditional marketing efforts, or its ease of use among users, there are endless reasons why your business should consider WhatsApp marketing to generate more revenue.

In this article, we discuss six ways to grow your digital download sales with WhatsApp marketing.

1. Announce latest products with WhatsApp Broadcasts

Your existing customers already approve of your business products, so why not introduce your latest digital offerings to them? Since they are your existing buyers, they are more likely to consider purchasing your store’s latest digital products.

With WhatsApp broadcasts, you can do just that.

Whenever a new digital product goes live for sale on your online store, whether it is an e-book, soundtrack, artwork, video, document, course, or any other digital product, simply send out an announcement to your existing customers on WhatsApp via WhatsApp broadcast.

Chances are that if your existing customers like the product, they may also recommend the same to their friends and family, which could help your business gain new customers.

2. Provide recommendations based on purchase history

Different customers have different tastes. For instance, if your online store sells e-books, certain buyers may be more interested in fiction titles, while others would be more into self-help and sci-fi.

You are more likely to generate increased sales if you can provide recommendations based on your buyers’ purchase history. For instance, sci-fi readers are more likely to purchase new titles written by published as well as emerging authors.

Similarly, if your store sells music, then you can recommend new tracks to customers classified by genre. 

3. Recover abandoned carts and incomplete purchases

Sometimes, prospective buyers might visit your online store, input their details, and even browse and add digital products to their shopping cart.

But then, they simply abandon the shopping cart and leave the purchase incomplete.

With WhatsApp marketing, you can recover abandoned carts and increase your conversion rates significantly with automated abandoned cart recovery. A WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery message is simply a WhatsApp message prompt that encourages the customer in a friendly manner to complete their purchase.

With WhatsApp marketing, you can effectively recover 45% - 60% of abandoned carts on your online store, possibly more if your cart recovery is optimized and automated.

Furthermore, you can generate time-sensitive discount coupons that expire within a set duration, such as up to 24 hours and send them as part of your abandoned cart recovery process.

This would create urgency and likely motivate the prospective buyer to make the purchase, especially as they are being incentivized for it.

4. Streamline the order process

WhatsApp offers several features to help your business streamline the order process for customers. For instance, right after your customer completes the order on your store, you can automatically send them an order confirmation via WhatsApp.

Similarly, you can also send confirmation messages when their order has been shipped (in case they have ordered a hard copy of the digital product such as a printed book or a vinyl record for a soundtrack or album, etc.)

By using WhatsApp, you can send automated order confirmations to your customers that makes it more convenient for them to track and record their purchases from your online store.

Aside from sending order and purchase confirmation messages, you can also use WhatsApp to send other kinds of messages such as thanking them for purchasing from your store, redirecting them to your social media pages, etc. The possibilities are many.

5. Include referral discounts

It has been established that word-of-mouth marketing accounts for at least 13% of all sales businesses make as well as drives $6 trillion worldwide in annual global spending. Additionally, about 64% of marketers agree that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for any business.

So, that means that as a store selling digital products, you too should leverage the power of this marketing tactic to gain new customers.

With WhatsApp marketing, you can generate user-specific referral codes that provide a bonus to the referrer for every new sign-up complete via their user/referral link. This could either be loyalty points or discounts on their subsequent orders, for example.

Referral links are a solid way for your business to grow market share as new customers are more likely to consider buying your products if referred by someone they trust, such as their friends or family. Meanwhile, your existing customers also get a bonus or incentive to share their referral links which turns them into marketers for your brand.

6. Incentivize repeat purchases

As a business, you know that sometimes it is easier to retain your existing customers than find new ones.

With WhatsApp, you can urge your current customers to purchase more products from your online store by either upselling them new products with discount coupons, or including some other kind of benefit to convince them to keep shopping from your online store.

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Bottomline: Grow your digital product sales with WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp provides several useful features like WhatsApp broadcasts, abandoned cart recovery, order confirmations, and more. DelightChat is an omnichannel customer support platform with powerful WhatsApp marketing features

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Aside from delivering your customers their purchased digital products quickly, SkyPilot also helps product your files from abuse and purchase sharing through features like time expiring access, abuse alerts, limited downloads, and more. 

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