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How to set up Conditional Logic for SC Product Options

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Enjoy the power of conditional logic to create an exceptional customer experience. You will learn: What conditional logic is. How to add conditional logic to your store.


Hey there, this is Jason from Shop Circle and today in this video we'll be going over the conditional logic feature on SC Product Options. Let's get started.

So with conditional logic, this is a premium feature. So keep in mind you need to be on a premium plan if you do need this feature here. Now, what is conditional logic? Essentially, conditional logic is a feature where it will hide or show your options to your customer depending on what they pick when building out your product on your store. So you might've seen this in action on other stores, especially when you're buying, let's say a computer or a car online, something with a lot of moving parts there, where depending on what size you pick for the computer or the car, you might have a different choice at other features such as RAM size or a hard drive for a computer. In case of a car, certain trims have different wheel sizes or interior packaging. So that's essentially what conditional logic is.

So we're going to show you how that's done in a very simple way on my store here. So for example, I have this T-shirt here and I charge $25 for personalization. However, and for that personalization, I need the customers to tell me exactly how they want that customized. However, if they choose no for personalization, then definitely I wouldn't want them to have to fill this part out. So how do I go about doing that? First I go into product conditions here. I choose the product option set that I'm working with. So for this one here it is the embroidery custom for my T-shirt. And then we're going to choose if our customers select no for that, then we're going to hide the customization option.

All right, so that's in there now. So we're going to go back because should be already saved and let's just check this out again here. Now it does take some time to adjust there. So let's see. Going to save that and go back into the store here. Great, so we can see it's working now. So if they choose yes, then they can write the customization out, and if they choose no, then that option is hidden.

All right, so that's a quick and easy way of setting up conditional logic for your store. So feel free to use that feature if you do have products where you want to have different sets of options available to them, depending on what they pick. I'll see you in the next video. Take care.

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