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Options vs. Option Sets using SC Product Options

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Learn the difference between Options and Option Sets using SC Product Options. You will learn: The difference between Options and Option Sets. How to set up Options and Option Sets. Tips on how to save time when setting up Options and Option Sets.


Hey there, this is Jason from Shop Circle and today in this video we'll be talking about the difference between option sets versus the regular old option and C Product Options app here, so that you know the difference between the two and how to set up each one accordingly. And also, how you can save a little bit of time when creating these in the app here. All right, let's get started.

So, an option is an individual option type that applies to one product or many products. An option set is a group or collection of options that can apply to an individual product or a collection of products as well, or the dynamic list.

So, when you're creating these options, the first thing the app asks you to do is create the option set. As you can see here, there's tons of sets on my store here. And then when you go into edit each one, then you can see the individual option types there. Now, if you have some similarities between the options you sell for your products, then a handy way to save time when creating these option sets is using the pick from existing feature here. And this way it will give you a list and shows you all the individual options that you have on your app here, and you can add it into each option set that you'd like. So for example, I really like this dropdown here that I want on this option set too. I'm going to go ahead and add that in, and that's going to save some time there for me as opposed to creating it from scratch.

All right, that's about it. And in terms of managing your options, it's done here where you can duplicate, delete, or view it as a list here under delete options and just delete them individually from this screen. Okay, that concludes this video. I'll see you in the next one. Take care.

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